Belarus: Macron met opponent Svetlana Tsikhanouskaya in Lithuania

During his visit to Lithuania, gave his support to the Belarusian candidate, Svetlana Tsikhanouskaïa. Anne Bourse, journalist for France 2, is live from Vilnus (Lithuania). “It was early this morning that received at his hotel the main Belarusian opponent who found refuge in Vilnus“, reports Anne Bourse.

The French president promised Svetlana Tsikhanouskaïa that he would help her resolve this crisis. “ is pushing for mediation to be accepted by Alexandre Lukashenko, the disputed President. Macron clearly requested his departure on Sunday“, explains the journalist. After this meeting, Vladimir Poutine denounced”unprecedented pressure on Bioelorrusia, not to mention “.”We can see the tension remains very strong“, concludes Anne Bourse.

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