Covid-19: Emmanuel Macron wants to give “a course” and put an end to “the uncertainty” of the …

“Nothing is worse than uncertainty and the impression of endless gloom”. wants to help the French to hope. The Head of State will announce, Tuesday, November 24 at 8 p.m., the new conditions of confinement set up to combat the second wave of the epidemic. In an article published in the Sunday newspaper, Sunday, November 22, the President of the Republic ensures that he wants to give the French consistency, clarity, a course “. Knowing together where we are going and how to get there “, he adds.

“It’s difficult because the pandemic is inherently unpredictable and global”, explains the head of state, “but it is the key to confidence, which itself is the key to success”. According to , “There is no inevitability. Crises can be, in the end, accelerators of progress. We must be at the rendezvous of History. And France has all the assets to be so”.

However, the executive does not envisage the end of confinement at this stage, as the Minister of Health Olivier Véran indicates in the same article: “Today, the level of circulation of the virus in the country is the same as at the time of the curfew. There is no question of deconfining”.

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