Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron: their “calm and studious” vacation at Fort de Brégançon has started

After completing the reshuffle with the announcement of the Secretaries of State, went on vacation. Like every summer, it is at Fort de Brégançon that the President of the Republic and the First Lady have set down their suitcases.

The holidays can begin. After completing the reshuffle, with the announcement of the Secretaries of State a few days ago, the government is on vacation. The executive, who posed for the traditional official photo, met for the first time in full during an exceptional cabinet meeting on Wednesday, July 29. In the evening, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron flew to the summer destination of the Presidents of the Republic. It is in the Fort de Brégançon, in the Var, that the presidential couple put their bags. For two weeks they will spend “calm and studious holidays”, as reported by the Elysee. In Bormes-les-Mimosas, will in particular continue to manage the coronavirus health crisis, far from being over in France.

And for once, it is in all discretion that the couple joined the Fort de Brégançon, after landing in Hyères. “And we cannot even trust the flag which flies at the top of the Fort, because before, it was only put when the Head of State was in the walls. But now, it is there all the time”, s ‘surprised a resident near France Blue. As suggested Gabriel Attal, not really going to rest this summer. The President of the Republic could in particular bring together his principal ministers during one or more health defense councils by videoconference. “The president obviously continues to follow national and international current affairs and remains particularly attentive to the evolution of the health situation on the territory”, indicated the presidential palace.

The start of the school year is scheduled for August 25

“He also reminded members of the government on Wednesday of the need to remain in a permanent state of watch and fully mobilized,” added the presidency. ’s return to school is already shaping up to be very busy. At the end of the summer, he will have to present a historic recovery plan of 100 billion euros promised for the end of August, twenty months before the presidential election of 2022. As for the summer vacation of Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, we do not really know how they will unfold. For the moment, the Elysée has not announced anything. But it could be that the presidential couple attends the 76th anniversary of the liberation of Bormes-les-Mimosas, on August 17. The Head of State will return to his government during the Council of Ministers back to school on August 25But he could return to Paris sooner than expected depending on the evolution of the epidemic.

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