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Emmanuel Macron: “Ah di put pressure make president Biya make peace inside e kontri”

, French President for interview wit one tori house, ‘Jeune Afrique’ say e di put pressure make President Biya make peace inside kontri.

No bi de first taim weh Macron di tok about e pawa ova president Biya. E bi don tok how e mount pressure for Biya to free opposition leader Maurice Kamto from prison.

De kweshion weh e make Macron tok about Biya na say: crisis di daso go for before for Anglophone regions and opposition leader Maurice Kamto na target for stop e ambition from taim to taim. One year afta Macron bi promise for add volume for pressure, weti France fit do?

Weti Macron tok about president Biya

“Ah don put pressure for president Biya. Make ah remind wuna say president Biya nova put foot for France for official visit for long taim”.

“We dit ok for phone, ah bi ask, before visit for Lyon for 2019 make Biya take some confidential actions and for de pass one year, e make some publications”.

“Ah di invite president Biya for take measures for open up”.

Macron say de situation don bi tense again and yi di invite Biya for open up, prepare for change, make peace inside kontri because de big challenge na Boko Haram weh e di daso advance.

French president add say President Biya get for join hand more for fight Boko Haram wit Nigeria and Chad weh deh di fight at times alone.

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Wetin we call dis Video,

Kontri pipo say President for komot army free prisoners before tok dialogue

For African presidents weh deh di use change for remain for pawa, Macron get dis message for dem.

“Africa get for look for ways and means for organize regular democratic and transparent meetings”.

Cameroon President Paul Biya don make 38 years for pawa. For dis taim, concrete solution for Anglophone crisis nova bi, opposition leader,Maurice Kamto don make 63 days for house arrest afta prison, lawyers di count hundreds of CRM party supporters for prison.

Afta dis interview, some pro- goment papers dit ok how wan put disorder for Cameroon.

Deh say French President no respect President Biya. President Biya no di take order from any bodi and say Macron di provoke Pail Biya and e tok fit push pipo for revolt.

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