Emmanuel Macron panic: Coronavirus spike sparks second wave fears – 'MORE infectious!'

France’s President Emmanuel Macron may have to deal with a second coronavirus wave in the coming months as cases continue to rise. The country’s health minister, Olivier Véran, has warned the current data trends show the COVID-19 numbers moving in a “worrying direction”. Euronews’ Oliver Whitfield-Miočić highlighted the concerning trends and the magnitude of the problem in France.

He said: “The reproductive rate of COVID-19 has been on the rise since June in France.

“It is a key indicator of how contagious the virus is.

“If the number is above one, infections will begin to climb exponentially, below one and new cases should fall.”

Mr Whitfield-Miočić also went into details about the varying COVID-19 reproductive rates across France.

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He said: “The figures vary wildly as only three of France’s mainland regions have an R rate below one.

“In popular tourist destinations such as Paris, Marseille and Monaco the virus is becoming more infectious.

“In the northern region of Brittanny the R rate is 1.9 meaning each person with COVID-19 is potentially passing the virus on to two other people.”

Regions around the country have begun introducing new measures to help curb the rise in coronavirus cases.

The French Prime Minister has argued against these claims and insisted France is testing more and tightening the restrictions on its borders.

Another worrying trend in France is the increase in young people contracting the coronavirus.

Jerome Marty from France’s Private Practitioner’s Union offered reasons as to why this may be.

Mr Marty said: “It is evident that young people are not fully respecting social distancing.

“We have had an increase in infections and because we are testing more people now we are finding that more people are actually carrying the virus.”

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