Emmanuel Macron's announcements: aid to limit the economic consequences

The curfew announced by on Wednesday October 14 will have significant economic consequences. It will begin at 9 p.m., which will bring several sectors to a virtual standstill, such as catering and theaters. “DIn restaurants, I don’t think we’re all going to eat at 6.30pm. So, in fact, there will be establishments that will have no other choice, because they have fixed charges, than to close “, analyzes the journalist Alexandra Bensaid live from the 20 Heures plateau.

Aid for beneficiaries of RSA and APL

In response to this measure, partial unemployment, prices guaranteed by the State and the solidarity fund, which has just been reinforced, will be ensured. In terms of aid, beneficiaries of RSA and APL will be entitled to a gesture of 150 euros and 100 euros per child. Indeed, several studies have shown “that this crisis had effects on poverty and inequalities”, continues the journalist. It’s not “certainly not a sustainable increase in allocations”, specifies Alexandra Bensaid, who insists on the character “exceptional” of this help.

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