Europe tightens restrictions amid surge in virus; Hungary shuts border

Amid anti-coronavirus protests, the number of cases continued to rise in Europe this week as Hungary shut its borders to foreigners. 


“From September 1, foreign citizens will no longer be allowed to enter the territory of Hungary,” the Hungarian government said, adding, “there is a risk of introducing the virus and most of the new infections are of foreign origin.”

“Hungary is green, all other countries are now turning red,” it added.

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Meanwhile, the Spanish health ministry said that there were 9,685 new coronavirus cases on Thursday which is the largest spike in cases since lockdown was lifted in May.

France reported 7,379 new coronavirus cases as President said he was trying to “everything to avoid another lockdown, in particular, a nationwide lockdown”. France had lifted its lockdown from May 11 after a drop in infection but has witnessed a spurt in cases in recent months.

The government has made it mandatory for residents in Paris to wear masks at all times outdoors amid a surge in cases. “The epidemic is gaining ground, and now is the time to intervene,” Prime Minister said.

The country has allowed schools to reopen even as authorities said the virus has been spreading among younger people who are less likely to show symptoms.

Amid the rise in cases, the World Health Organization(WHO) said there were 24,299,923 worldwide cases on Friday with 827,730 deaths.

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