France lockdown: How to calculate your 20km exercise zone

From this Saturday, people living in France can leave home for up to three hours for exercise (travel time is included in the three hour limit) within 20 kilometres of their house as measures in place since the end of October start to ease.

The news – unveiled by President Emmanuel Macron as he revealed France’s three-step plan to move out of confinement on Tuesday – will come as a relief to households that have been confined to remaining in a 1km bubble for their daily hour’s exercise for a month.

Anyone leaving their house for this purpose will still be required to use the self-certification exemption forms.

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The question is: how do you know whether your planned trip is within the 20km radius? Here, we highlight three easy-to-use websites and one app that do the work for you.


The Géoportail site was set up by the government during the first containment in Spring. It calculates the 20km radius from your address and reveals it on a map.


In much the same way as the government website, simply enter your address in the CalcMaps search bar then select the 20 km option from the Rayon KM dropdown menu.


A similar system again, only this time the 20km maximum radius is automatically calculated when you enter your address into the search bar

Cercle 20 km et calcul de distance à vol d’oiseau

Download this free smartphone app to visualise the 20km around your home.

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