ITV's Robert Peston tells Boris Johnson to follow 'tough' Macron – 'We need that here!'

French President Emmanuel Macron announced more stringent measures earlier this week across France to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Mr Peston questioned why the UK Government and Boris Johnson weren’t taking the issue as seriously to implement national measures. Mr Peston said: “We have heard from France’s President that he is enacting really tough coronavirus measures.

“All the big cities going into a curfew arrangement where everybody has to be at home by 9 o clock and they can’t leave the house till 6 a.m.

“I spoke to the environment secretary George Eustice and began by asking why, if has decided to go for what is a tough national measure, why he and the Prime Minister don’t think we need something like that here.”

Mr Peston then cut to the interview with Mr Eustice and his defence against nationwide coronavirus measures.

Mr Eustice said: “Every country has its own challenges while dealing with this virus and they are having to respond in different ways.

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“I think we are taking it seriously and we introduced new measures a couple of weeks ago with the new rule of six.

“We had tougher restrictions on wearing face masks for instance, curfews on pubs and bars.

“This week we have gone further by announcing the three alert levels.”

Mr Eustice went into details of how the UK Government hopes the latest measures will allow the UK to fight coronavirus.

“But if you look at the measures that have been taken in some parts of the world, where they have been toughest, the economy has recovered fastest.

“So in conclusion, we are not bearing down hard enough.”

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