MPs urged to block trade deal if Boris caves on fishing – 'Don't let Macron bully us!'

The Prime Minister agreed to continue post-Brexit negotiations with Brussels following his emergency phone call with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. An EU source said on Saturday that both sides remain “totally stuck” on the contentious issue of fisheries. conducted a poll asking readers if MPs should vote against a UK-EU trade deal if Mr Johnson caves into Brussels’ demands on fishing and breaks his promise to protect the livelihoods of UK fishermen.

A staggering ninety-six percent of respondents (12,129) said MPs should slap down a deal which sells out the fishing industry while only four percent (461) said they should vote in favour of it.

Just 57 readers (less than one percent) said they didn’t know.

In comments, many readers warned MPs to reject any free trade deal which does not respect the sovereignty of the UK.

One person said: “MPs should vote any deal down if it gives up our sovereignty, our control of fishing or if we agree to abide by a level playing field with the EU.”

A second person said the UK should stand firm against French President ’s fishing demands.

They wrote: “Absolutely no way should we allow the French and, more to the point, Macron to bully us on this.

“If they want to use our waters then you will pay a premium.”

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The reader wrote: “I’m almost certain Boris will cave in and the EU be gloating they have won.

“If that does happen it will be the end of the Tory party after they had a clear leave mandate from the voters.”

The Vote Leave campaign was partially built on a promise to “take back control” of the UK’s borders and waters, among other visions for a future outside of the EU.

The UK’s chief Brexit negotiator Lord Frost will sit down with his European counterpart Michel Barnier for meetings in Brussels on Sunday in the hope of reaching an agreement.

A UK source described the talks as the “final throw of the dice” less than four weeks out from the transition period deadline.

The source suggested any movement on fisheries, the level playing field and governance would have to come from the EU side.

The three issues remain the main stumbling blocks to a free trade deal.

They said: “There is a fair deal to be done that works for both sides but this will only happen if the EU is willing to respect the fundamental principles of sovereignty and control.”

The poll ran from 8am to 10pm on Saturday, December 5, with a total of 12,647 readers taking part.

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