Opinion week: Trump goes to warfare, a bloated authorities, GAFA in Congress …

United States-China: Trump, go to war. As the November election deadline draws closer, Americans are stepping up attacks against the Chinese regime. For now, Beijing is reacting with restraint.

How these ten objects became politically explosive. More than a soul, these inanimate objects have a political charge. Impossible to evoke them without the discussion escalating, without the cleavage settling. L’Opinion has unearthed ten totems from this new very political flea market …

Macron and Castex turn a “fighting government” into a Mexican army. The desire to leave “no hole in the rack” was ultimately stronger than the desire to create “super-ministries”. A crucial question now arises for Emmanuel Macron and : how to make so many ministers and secretaries of state work together?

Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook had “certainly adapted features” from other companies in response to a question from Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Democrat of Washington, who asked if the company had copied features from its competitors. During her questioning, Pramila Jayapal cited emails between Facebook executives regarding pursuing “aggressive and nimble” tactics to maintain a lead over competing services.

In Libya, Vladimir Putin’s go game. The Kremlin is playing a subtle partition to gain a foothold in this North African country and negotiate a compromise with Turkey engaged alongside pro-government forces.

For Mike Pompeo, Xi Jinping is no longer “president”. The US Secretary of State has chosen not to designate Xi Jinping as president any longer, but as secretary general of the Chinese Communist Party.

Summer series

, America on edge. The Chancellor maintains a deep affectionate relationship with the United States, knowing how to keep and defend Europe.

Cédric Villani: “The story began with an ethical fault, it ended with the Fields medal”. “Take your risk”: this is one of Emmanuel Macron’s favorite expressions. And you, when did you take your risk? This summer, for the Opinion 30 personalities are revealed.


Ecology: Pompili and Denormandie in the beet trap. “Against a background of hysteria around glyphosate, everything in this affair smacks of French dogmatism. By prohibiting the spraying of insecticide – understandably – but also the coating of seeds, without justification, the biodiversity law has dangerously exposed the sector. “

“Erdogan, last stand or real danger?” – the chronicle of Hakim El Karoui. “Everything contributes to making Erdogan a dangerous enemy of Europe, even of the West. Is it fair and how far should we worry? “

The Wall Street Journal

New upheaval for distribution: stores are becoming e-commerce warehouses. With traditional shopping becoming less and less popular, donors, start-ups and distributors are turning abandoned stores into online order processing sites.

Want to know if you have Covid-19? Have your smartwatch! Accessories that measure your temperature, heart rate, and oxygen level in your blood could soon tell you if you’ve caught the coronavirus.

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Extract from “For his first hearing before Congress, Jeff Bezos will have to get out of his comfort zone”

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