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Gatherings of more than 5,000 people continue to be banned in France. Under this gauge, regroupings can be done on condition that social distancing is respected. Measures to fight against the spread of the coronavirus which annoy more than one. Among them, the humorist Jérémy Ferrari sends an open letter via his Twitter account to and his Minister of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot.

Entitled: “The reopening of places with fewer than 5,000 people without lifting social distancing is illusory and you know it!” , the text accuses the government of having “successively and in an extremely clear manner lifted restrictions and social distancing in trains, planes, fairs, trade shows and universities” unlike “cultural places”. that the artists “do not want to play at any cost” and “do not refuse the sanitary rules”, Jérémy Ferrari asks Roselyne Bachelot “to lift social distancing in theaters, cinemas … with a seated gauge lower “for” the survival of the sector “of Culture. He says: “Do not despise us!”

“We had a good laugh! Today, we are no longer laughing alas”

Since it was posted online, the open letter has been shared by many artists including Gil Alma, who plays Alain Stuck in the Nos Chers Voisins series broadcast every evening on TF1. On his Instagram account, the actor addresses Roselyne Bachelot directly, writing in the caption of this plea: “Hello Roselyne Bachelot! We did a lot of shows together. You even came to make a guest (guest, editor’s note) in Our Dear Neighbors where you flirted with me. We laughed a lot ! Today, unfortunately, we no longer laugh ”. Disappointed and perplexed by the measures imposed by the government in the fight against the pandemic, which affects the world of culture, he declares: “I repost Jeremy Ferrari who sees correctly! Ex: Why more distance on planes, restaurants, bars … but always in the theater? ”

If Roselyne Bachelot has not yet expressed herself on the subject since the publication of this open letter, Internet users applaud this initiative and share the incomprehension of the artists. “All my support”, “Well said!”, “Well defended” or even “Beautiful solidarity” and “Yes totally agree. This treatment is totally illogical and for me makes no sense ”can we read among all the comments including many“ applause ”emojis.

Check out Gil Alma’s Instagram post here.

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