Second front briefs, Aug. 29, 2020

Helicopter crashes in Lagos

LAGOS, Nigeria — Two people have died and a third is critically injured after a helicopter crashed into a residential area in Nigeria’s most populous city, Lagos, authorities said Friday.

The dead include the pilot and a passenger in the Bell 206 helicopter operated by Quorum Aviation, according to Ibrahim Farinloye of the National Emergency Management Agency. The third person was also in the helicopter and is receiving medical attention.

Helicopter parts were littered at the scene, and a wall and a house were damaged in the middle-class Opebi neighborhood.

It is not clear yet what caused the accident.

Macron: World needs a globally active US leader

PARIS — He can’t vote in the US presidential election, but French President Emmanuel Macron hopes whoever wins the November vote is more of a global player.

Following traditional diplomatic protocol, Macron wouldn’t say who he favors in the US presidential election on Nov. 3 but promised to work well with whoever wins.

But President ’s unapologetic “America-first” foreign policy has frustrated historic allies like France, who are closely following this year’s US presidential race between Trump, the Republican candidate, and his Democratic Party rival, former US Vice President .

Macron has watched with dismay as Trump pulled the US out of multiple international agreements, including the 2015 landmark Paris climate change accord and the Iran nuclear deal. Trump has also demanded that Eur

The two leaders’ once-friendly relationship has been increasingly strained.

Scientists to gauge presence of white sharks off Maine

HARPSWELL, Maine — Maine wants to get a better idea of how many great white sharks there are in its inshore waters, and is partnering with other agencies to find out.

Sixty-three-year-old Julie Dimperio Holowach was killed by a shark bite off Harpswell last month. Her death sparked interest in how many great whites there could be near Maine’s coast.

The Maine Department of Marine Resources said it will work with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries to study the presence of the sharks. The department said the effort will include placement of 20 acoustic receivers in nearshore waters to capture data from tags placed on white sharks.

There are more than 200 tagged great white sharks so far.

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