AhlulBayt News Agency (ABNA): Iran’s Ayatollah Abul Qassem Alidoust, head of the association of fiq’h and Islamic law at Qom seminary has called on Pope Francis to react against the derogatory cartoons of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by French satirical magazine and also xenophobic remarks by President against Muslims.

Top Iranian scholar Ayatollah Alidoust in his letter to the leader of world Catholics expressed regret over reprinting of sacrilegious cartoon by French magazine and the country’s support for that under the pretext of freedom of expression.
Iranian scholar in his letter referred to importance of respecting prophets in view of all religions and said,” It is regretful that neither religious teachings nor universal charters banning desecration of religious sanctities have ended moves which hurt the feelings of nearly two billion Muslims.”
He slammed the political support for desecration of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that has clearly violated both religious and international agreements for maintaining the respect for religious sanctities.
Senior cleric denounced justification of sacrilegious moves under the pretext of freedom of expression and alluded to the articles in human rights charter, International Convent on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, International Convention on Civil and Political Rights and also European Convention on Human Rights for defining limitations for freedom of expression.
“Some remarks are true manifests of criminal acts which create hatred to the extent of undermining social order and security” and added,” According to the international law desecration of religious sanctities have been excluded from the principle of freedom of expression meaning that one cannot express hatred for the prophet of Islam and justify that as an instance of freedom of expression.”
Ayatollah Alidoust has called on Pope Francis as the leader of the world Catholics to react against the derogatory cartoon of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and hateful remarks by French president in support of the sacrilegious cartoon and take measure to prevent similar issues in future.


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