Before Merkel's Corona summit: the date for the end of the lockdown is becoming more and more …

On November 25, the federal and state governments will discuss the further timetable for the corona pandemic – and the time frames for the measures. Possible dates are already seeping through.

  • Chancellor * (CDU) expected from Corona*-Summit a strategy for the winter on November 25th.
  • Dem Munich Mercury was already subject to a position paper of the Bavarian state government Markus Söder (CSU *) in front.
  • A new media report also suggests that the Partial lockdown* probably beyond November extended becomes.

Update from November 20, 6:55 p.m .: Still high corona numbers, an extension of the partial lockdown is under discussion (see update from November 20, 3:10 p.m.). Also Stephan Weil (SPD), the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, believes that the lockdown will go longer than planned: “According to the current state of affairs, it cannot be assumed that the current situation is to curb the pandemic decided measures can loosen “, he told the Handelsblatt. For relief, the numbers would have to change permanently. Goal of the meeting of prime ministers with (CDU) on November 25 are “reliable regulations” that should extend beyond Christmas and New Year.

Because, above all, demands further uniform corona measures in Germany: “Above the value of 50, I am convinced that the same rules should apply everywhere. This does not apply to every detail, but the line must be as clear and uniform as possible across the borders of the federal states. “

If further closings are ordered, the state must from the point of view of Saxony-Anhalt’s Prime Minister Pure Haseloff (CDU) also in the coming months Compensation numbers. Extended restrictions would have to be “financially supported”, he said on Friday in a debate in the Magdeburg state parliament. The administrative courts had made it clear in several rulings that the state containment measures would otherwise not be appropriate.

Corona summit in Germany: Extension of the “lockdown light” in discussion

Update from November 20, 3:10 p.m .: On Monday, the draft resolutions from the Chancellery caused a lot of country annoyance Corona summit – before the next round on Wednesday are now the Prime Minister at the train. According to a report on the website Business Insider the proposed proposals have come a long way.

So the countries obviously want – in line with Chancellor (CDU) – the “Lockdown light” extend it, but let it end before Christmas: The talk is supposedly the 20th of December as a preliminary end point. The group of heads of state is therefore also open to tightening the issue contacts. The details are apparently not yet fixed here. The SPD-led countries reject the upper limit of a permanent contact as well Schleswig-Holstein and Hesse loud Business Insider but off.

Schools are another neuralgic point. Merkel’s advance that Halving school classes, but is apparently facing the lack of space no majority. To this end, face-to-face teaching for high schools and vocational schools could be shut down. If there is an increase in infections over Christmas, several countries are for one Extension of the Christmas holidays, it was said.

And the federal states also want to touch a particularly hot topic: the question of Church services over Christmas. Restrictions are not initially provided here, writes the portalFor this, the conversation with the religious communities should be sought in order to avoid large church services. Incidentally, according to the report, all proposals should be finalized between the countries and on Monday Coordinated with the Chancellery on Tuesday will. So hanging games on Wednesday be avoided.

The federal government continues to consider the corona situation in Germany to be very serious. It was only possible to “stop the strong, steep, exponential increase”, said government spokesman Steffen Seibert on Friday. The new infections had stabilized, “but the numbers were far too high,” he added. Also the number of Deaths by the Coronavirus is still “very high”, warned Seibert. It is about “200, 250 people every day who lose their lives because of this disease. This is something we should think about more and which we cannot accept for a minute. “

Corona summit in Germany: Merkel’s demand in the criticism – Laschet puts “one” on it

Update from November 20, 12.15 p.m.: NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) want the next on Wednesday Corona summit Advertise for strict contact restrictions – albeit a hair pinch among the Chancellor ’s proposals stay. “A family can only meet with two other people from another household,” Laschet explained Stuttgart newspaper his proposal for the Prime Minister’s Conference. There has recently been harsh criticism of the plans to limit contacts to one additional person, especially with regard to children, such as* reported.

From the Experiences at the beginning of the corona crisis in spring it is known that the principle works. Back then, people’s mobility decreased significantly and the Infection Dynamics as well. “If we apply this principle consistently, restrictions on gastronomy or culture can be withdrawn in the medium term if the number of infections continues to fall,” said the CDU federal vice and candidate for the party chairmanship.

Until a vaccine is available, public, social and economic life must be maintained. “That is why we should fall back on the tried and tested system of general contact restrictions instead of prescribing in minute detail what can and cannot take place,” explained Laschet.

Corona summit in Germany: Merkel statements leaked – lockdown much longer? Above all, the Chancellor sees one problem

First report: Berlin – Die Partial lockdown-Balance last Monday with Chancellor (CDU) brought no new ones Corona measures with himself – only appeals from the Chancellor. The step was on the Federal-state switch at the 25. November adjourned. Again Munich Mercury exclusively from one Position paper from the Bavarian State Chancellery *, they could Contact restrictions but were much less strict than was initially heard from the Chancellery.

As the image now wants to know, Merkel did in one Union faction meeting on Tuesday It is clear that the country leaders have made suggestions “not just for two weeks, but with one Perspective until January“, Expect. At Christmas However, the federal government wants to “give people back a certain amount of freedom,” the newspaper quotes in the report (behind the payment barrier) the Chancellor. What should be possible at the turn of the year, however, would be “very, very difficult decisions” on Wednesday.

Federal Chancellor (CDU) and Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) warn of early easing in the corona pandemic.

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You have to be careful that “not everything is torn down again on New Year’s Eve”, for example because skiing holidays in Austria take place quite normally, Merkel told MPs. Söder had also recently expressed himself accordingly.

Before the Corona summit with Merkel: details about partial lockdown extension leaked

According to the above-mentioned position paper, which the Munich Mercury exists, Bavaria will have different time periods for one Extension of the partial lockdown bring into play: the shortest until December 15th, the longest until 15. January, alternatively until shortly before Christmas (December 20th) or shortly after New Year’s Eve (January 2nd).

The image now writes with reference to an unspecified one SPD *-State governmentthat the Corona measures are expected to be valid until the end of December or the beginning of January. In addition, according to the report, there will be a Expansion of the mask requirement (mainly in Hot spots) and a Extension of the winter vacation thought about. According to the Bild report, so-called “contact bans” are even being considered in NRW. That would mean just as strict contact restrictions as in the spring.

Corona in Germany: Merkel expects new rule proposals from the countries – summit on Wednesday

Given high Corona infection numbers The federal and state governments had to begin with four weeks Partial lockdown from November 2nd to November 29th notified. Restaurants had to close as well as cultural and leisure facilities, for the citizens there are strict rules Contact restrictions.

The countries have made it clear that they are one ownwant to develop a medium-term strategy that should extend into the coming year. According to reports, the first coordination between the federal states is planned for this weekend. (frs with material from the dpa) * is part of the Ippen-Digital editorial network.

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