Comment: A “historic” Corona summit at Merkel
  • fromGeorg Anastasiadis

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Is the full mask requirement now coming? and Markus Söder flirt with it. A comment by Merkur editor-in-chief Georg Anastasiadis.

The Corona summit, to which receives the country leaders today, is said to have a “historical dimension”. Your Chancellery Minister Braun has set the tone. Translated into German this means: It’s a matter of life and death. The Chancellery is applying maximum pressure to bring the prime ministers into line.

Nevertheless, they should be careful not to decide the wrong thing, driven by the growing number of infections. Because well-intentioned does not automatically mean well-done – this truism has rarely been as true as in the corona crisis. The recently hastily announced bans on accommodation for travelers from German risk areas are threatened with a third-class burial, if necessary in court. The same thing could happen to a mask requirement if it were overstretched and arranged not only in very crowded public places, but also in every workplace or on empty sidewalks. It’s not about the symbolism of measures – but about their accuracy. The guideline for every new order must not be whether it intimidates the citizens enough. But whether it effectively combats the infection process. Everyone will understand that wild partying needs to be restricted, whether in the bar or at home. Or that people take unnecessary risks while drinking alcohol. But how big is the risk of catching it from casual encounters outdoors?

No matter the police, no heavy fines: The sharpest weapon in the fight against the virus is and remains the willingness of people to protect themselves and others. This should not be jeopardized by general measures that are not adapted to the local Corona situation and that people no longer understand.

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