Court lifts ban on corona demos And Angela Merkel: “The virus is a democratic imposition”

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What happened?

Court lifts ban on corona demos, the tug of war continues – a disaster for Berlin’s Senator for the Interior, Geisel.
The Berlin administrative court has lifted the police’s ban on demonstrations for the corona protests. The demonstration on Saturday could take place, but subject to conditions such as compliance with minimum distances. The resolution is, however not final. The State of Berlin wanted to appeal to the Higher Administrative Court (which had not happened by the editorial deadline for this newsletter). According to the police vice-president, there had previously been more than 5100 registrations for replacement demonstrations. Read here what the court decision means, how it may continue and how the politicians reacted.
For my colleague Alexander Fröhlich, the court decision is a slap in the face for the interior senator. He raises the question of whether Andreas Geisel is up to his office, he writes. And whether he has not given the Corona skeptics an even bigger stage with his approach. Read here why the police and senator, in his opinion, are promoting a radicalization of the bourgeois demonstration participants with their attempt to ban.

: “The virus is a democratic imposition.”
As expected, the summer press conference with the Chancellor focused on Corona, Europe and other major global political issues. However, the Chancellor also allowed surprisingly personal insights. My colleague Christopher Stolz listened to her.

Poland does not allow the German ambassador into the country.
It is an unprecedented affront among EU partners: Warsaw refuses “Agrément” without justification. The media claim that the diplomat’s father was “Hitler’s adjutant” and that he was a “spy”. Read Christoph von Marschall’s analysis here.

• Bavaria’s border police violate the constitution in parts.
Defeat for Prime Minister Söder: Two years ago Bavaria reintroduced the border police. The Greens resisted vehemently and even went to the Supreme Court – with success, as you can read here.

Large scale operation at upper level center: rampage or false alarm?
An alarm was raised on Friday at a school in Rummelsburg. The police checked suspicion of amok, and students stayed in classrooms for hours. Then the police gave the all-clear. “We are currently assuming a false alarm,” the officials wrote on Twitter. All students would be escorted out of the building, and emergency chaplains were available. Minutes of a day like no other.

What was discussed?

President Trump at the Republican Party Conference.Photo: Brendan Smialowski / AFP

Trump does it. Nomination speech without mask and space.
Crisis? what crisis? At the end of the party congress, Trump disregards his own corona laws – and celebrates with 1,500 people. The message: Corona has been overcome. Read here the report by US correspondent Juliane Schäuble on how Trump’s party creates its own reality.
Always helpful in this context: a fact check. Trump gives himself top marks, with his challenger he can only see abysses. How much truth is there in his statements?
My colleague, a former US correspondent, is annoyed by Trump’s apocalyptic rhetoric, with which he warns of his opponent Biden: Who caused the chaos? Asks Malte Lehming, recognizing Trump as the arsonist who poses as a firefighter.

• Risky maneuver at BER: pilots speak of the “puke curve”
Immediately after take-off, pilots should fly a sharp turn at the new capital airport in an easterly wind. Annette Kögel and Thorsten Metzner explain here why this protects against noise, but is not without risk.

The discrimination against Jewish immigrants must come to an end!
Only ethnic German repatriates are allowed to return to Germany despite the corona crisis, but not Jewish immigrants. This unequal treatment is a scandal, thinks my colleague Claudia von Salzen.

Restaurant table or parking lot?
The neighbor complains about a coffee shop table in a parking lot. That’s yesterday. The city is currently being rethought. A column by Pacale Hugues on the revolution on the Berlin sidewalk.

What can Tagesspiegel subscribers read?

Apartment buildings in Berlin-Mitte, seen from the Berlin TV tower.Photo: Christoph Soeder / dpa

Price increase despite rent cap – landlords work with this trick.

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Real estate companies do not accept the rent cap in Berlin. They urge residents to agree to rent increases in case the law falls. Read here the tips from my colleague Ralf Schönball on how you can defend yourself against it if necessary.

“Anyone who marches along hooks up with anti-Semites.”
The Stuttgart movement “lateral thinking” mobilized to Berlin despite the ban on demonstrations. What are the ideologies behind it? Baden-Württemberg’s anti-Semitism officer, Michael Blume, speaks of “digital sects” in an interview.

• “What happens to other women happens to me too. “
Esther Kogelboom and Julia Prosinger in an interview with feminist Rebecca Solnit. The American author about invisible women, shooting as a hobby and her beating father.

I would like to recommend two things beyond the T-Plus range:

1. This is how violence turned into conflagration: attacks on Jews 1930-38.
A research project has proven thousands of acts of violence against Jewish life in Germany. Our interactive map by Hendrik Lehmann and David Meidinger shows how early the attacks began.

2. Encounter with the renegade son of the most famous GDR opposition activist.
Florian Havemann is a dazzling figure in the emotionally rugged east. Meet someone who lives the way his new novel reads. From Robert Ide.

What can we do?

Dr. Ruth Westheimer in a scene from the film “Ask Dr. Ruth”.Photo: – / Filmwelt / dpa

Our cinema tip: True love – a film about sex expert Ruth Westheimer. She fled the Holocaust to the USA and rose to become a sex educator. The documentary “Ask Dr. Ruth ”portrays the now 92-year-old.
(In Berlin, “Ask Dr. Ruth” runs in the Capitol, Filmtheater am Friedrichshain, Kant Kino, Xenon, Yorck – all OmU).

Our interview tip: “We have to develop new fun.” How does theater get out of the crisis? A conversation with Matthias Lilienthal about Corona fixtures, stadium plans and the good old Volksbühne.

Our TV tip:When a TV show makes the difference between life and death. In Massoud Bakhshi’s Iranian drama “Yalda”, the fate of a convicted murderer is negotiated on TV. Such shows have actually already been held in Iran.

What should I know for the weekend?

First title chance of the new season for Klopp: In the English Supercup, champions meet Liverpool on Saturday on the cup winners Arsenal. Both teams had minimal preparation before the game. “Do I want to play a real match after just two weeks of preparation? No! ”Said Klopp on Friday. “But we already knew that for a while.”

Brandenburg farmers demand more protection for regional products from the EU: The farmers in Brandenburg are demanding more protection for regional products. “During the Corona crisis in particular, we noticed that we had to place greater emphasis on regional supply,” said the spokesman for the state farmers’ association, Tino Erstling. “We want to become more climate-friendly and also ensure more animal welfare,” he emphasized. However, this also increased production costs. The EU agriculture ministers will meet for an informal meeting in Koblenz from Sunday to Tuesday. During the German EU Council Presidency, Federal Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner invited them. The CDU politician wants to put a concept for the reform of the agricultural policy on the legs by autumn

Number of the day!

89 – The well-known British Graffiti artist Banksy donated a ship to rescue refugees at sea. As the German aid organization Sea-Watch wrote in the online service Twitter, the rescue ship painted pink by the artist has already taken 89 people in distress in the Mediterranean on. “We are happy about the pink reinforcement!” Wrote Sea-Watch to a photo of the ship. Banksy, known for his works with political messages, decorated the ship with graffiti of a girl in a life jacket holding a pink lifebuoy in the shape of a heart. As the “Guardian” reports, the well-known German activist Pia Klemp the captain of the ship. Klemp said: “I don’t see the sea rescue as a humanitarian action, but as part of an anti-fascist struggle”. According to Sea-Watch, the crew consists of experienced sea rescue workers from all over Europe. Banksy, who keeps his identity a secret, is not on board, it is said.

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