Covid, Trump and Bost: foolishness and fatal failure

COVID-19 has killed nearly a quarter million Americans, the most of any country in the world! COVID-19 has also infected nearly 8 million Americans, again the most in the world.

It didn’t have to be this way!

If President Trump had just followed the example of in Germany, at least 150,000 Americans would still be alive. Germany did four times better than Trump in controlling COVID-19 infections and deaths. And even Trump himself had the virus.  

His 25,000-plus lies, his lawlessness and reckless behavior, and his total lack of national leadership has not only cost lives, it’s wrecked our economy.  We have lost tens of millions of jobs and small businesses.  

It didn’t have to be this way!

Trump makes fun of masks and holds his huge rallies with no social distancing, people are jammed together like sardines…shame on him.

Now, a broad swath of Republican Party is seriously ill, or worse, including my opponent Mike Bost. Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain apparently was infected at Trump’s unmasked indoor rally in Tulsa and died a week later. Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, Chris Christie and three U.S. senators, among many others, were all infected at Trump events. 


Recklessness and the mocking of science and expert health advice have cost untold tears.  Through all this, Mike Bost has been silent, afraid to speak one word questioning , just as he has been afraid of debating me on the issues.

The failure of Trump and Bost is crystal clear – hundreds of thousands have died unnecessarily.  Leadership is about doing the right thing.  Trump and Bost have failed that test.  

It’s time “We the People” had a real representative in Congress, like the great Democratic congressmen Kenny Gray, Paul Simon, Glenn Poshard and Jerry Costello.  Let’s really “Drain the Swamp.” It’s time to vote out and Mike Bost.  Vote for Joe Biden and Ray Lenzi.

Raymond Lenzi

Democratic candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 12th District

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