Berlin (dpa) – DOSB chairman Alfons Hörmann has again campaigned for more flexible measures in sport ahead of the upcoming Corona summit.

In this phase, it “makes a lot of sense to really manage and act individually,” said the head of the German Olympic Sports Confederation in the ZDF morning magazine. Hörmann added that he wanted “a sure instinct and a sense of proportion”. Instead of nationally uniform regulations, there should be solutions in the federal system depending on the local situation. Otherwise, only the “lowest common denominator” is possible.

In the current partial foreclosure, both amateur and popular sports have been largely stopped again. Only ghost games are allowed in professional sports leagues. During the next consultations between Chancellor (CDU) and the Prime Minister on November 25, no easing is expected. Sport must therefore prepare for a corona break that lasts beyond the end of the month.

“Concerns are literally growing week by week,” Hörmann said. Club members would be lost and volunteer work would decline. The boss of the DOSB therefore called for more confidence in sport: “I think that with the concepts of hygiene, with the discipline and the very responsible approach to sport, we can hold in all conscience: we are part of the solution, not the problem. “

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