EU is just like the communists, says Poland

Poland has intensified a row with Brussels as its prime minister compared the European Union to the former communist dictatorship hours before a summit with fellow leaders.

Mateusz Morawiecki told Polish MPs that the EU was run by a “eurocrat” oligarchy in the interest of nations such as Germany and France.

Yesterday the Sejm, Poland’s parliament, voted to back Mr Morawiecki’s veto of the EU’s €1.8 trillion 2021-27 budget over a “rule of law” clause.

In a debate on Wednesday night, the prime minister told MPs that allowing Brussels to judge Poland would open the gates for “arbitrary decisions” and undermine the EU’s “foundation of law and legal certainty”.

“Breaking the law has become a propaganda bludgeon in the EU,” Mr Morawiecki, 52, said. He

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