Germany panic: Merkel to introduce new strict rules in desperate bid to halt coronavirus

The return of the virus has been blamed on social events and travellers returning from abroad. Chancellor Merkel also announced plans for stricter quarantine rules. Mrs Merkel said: “It has turned out that a disproportionately high number of travellers returning (from high-risk areas) tested positive.”

Compared to neighbouring countries, Germany has kept the number of deaths quite low at 9,285.

However, the number of daily cases has been rising in recent weeks.

The country has recently reported the highest number of new cases since the end of April.

The Chancellor also warned that anyone who has travelled to a high-risk country will not be entitled to any money for lost income from October.

They are expected to protests against the COVID-19 rules.

Germany, which is home to Europe’s biggest economy, saw it shrink by a record 9.7 percent in the second quarter of this year.

Berlin has now announced it will extend its job support scheme until the end of next year to help the country get through the crisis.

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