Greta Thunberg fury: Climate change activists shamed over 'atrocious' coronavirus claims

Germany‘s Naomi Seibt, dubbed the anti-Greta Thunberg of climate change, was furious that many within climate change circles were jubilant that the environment was allegedly improving, despite many still suffering the consequences of the current deadly virus. As a result of international lockdowns during the outbreak, many nations have demanded citizens no longer go out “unless necessary” as they attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19. This has led to major breakthroughs in improvements with the planet’s environment, but has seen an estimated 835,000 people perish at the hands of the coronavirus.

Germany announced last week that, had it not been for the virus outbreak, it would not have hit its rigid C02 emission cuts given by the European Union.

When asked by whether the coronavirus will be used as “an excuse” for nations to miss their environmentalism targets, Ms Seibt – who agrees that carbon dioxide, which is a byproduct of the use of fossil fuels, does affect the climate – argued the attitude of climate change activists was “disgusting”.

She said: “It’s absolutely atrocious.

“I think, they are using it as an excuse and they should never draw conclusions from the coronavirus about climate change because if this pandemic is really that severe, which they claim it is, then you can’t at the same time say ‘there are billions of people affected by this virus, thousands dying, but we’re making progress with climate change’.

“I think that’s disgusting. How can you do that?”

Ms Seibt – who says has Ms Thunberg’s activism left youngsters around the globe “panicked when they should have hope” – and her anger at the teen arose after she was unable to discuss varying opinions on climate change.

She has watched on as Ms Thunberg has addressed the EU Parliament on climate change, as well as a recent meeting with the German chancellor .

But it was Ms Thunberg’s inclusion on a panel of experts discussing the coronavirus on CNN this year which infuriated Ms Seibt further.

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Although condemned on social media, CNN and Ms Thunberg herself defended her inclusion on the panel by claiming she was not on there as an expert.

Taking to Twitter, Ms Thunberg explained: “It seems some people thought I was going to be on an expert panel, which of course has never been the case.

“I am not an expert. I am an activist.

“The only people claiming that I’m an ‘expert’ are those who are trying to ridicule me.”

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