Letters to the Editor for Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2020

Trump’s gaslighting

Winston Churchill is reported famously to have said, “The Americans can always be trusted to do the right thing — once all other possibilities have been exhausted.”

President and his minions in statehouses across the country seem intent on affirming Churchill’s assertion.

For while leaders of the European Union have taken the necessary steps to reduce the rate of COVID-19 infection in their respective countries, Trump has contumaciously continued to disregard proven medical advice and to eschew his responsibility as president to protect the American people.

His negligence and ineptitude have cost tens of thousands of citizens their lives, and now, by demanding that schools open in the midst of a raging pandemic, he appears determined to sacrifice as well legions of school children for the sake of his re-election.

Had he followed ’s example in Germany, Trump could have proven Churchill wrong.

Instead, he tries to gaslight us with anti-science claptrap and farcical flapdoodle about the coronavirus and, incredibly, implores us to give him four more years to preside over his American carnage.

Frank Jones, Tulsa

Defunding your future

Our president is wanting to do away with payroll taxes.

Let’s think about the fallout this may cause. You will get more in your paycheck, but there will be nothing withheld to fund Social Security and Medicare.

It is a given the president has wanted to do away with both, and guess what? It will happen before your very eyes, and a good majority of the people won’t even realize it happened before it’s too late!

The wealthy will survive. It’s a given that the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.

Open your eyes, take a stand and do not let this happen. Most Americans depend on both of these earned benefits.

I bet the government will want us to fund our own Social Security and Medicare out of our own pocket after we receive our paycheck.

Do you think most will do so? I bet you they won’t or can’t.

We need to let it be known that this isn’t right.

Will our elected officials take a stand? I bet not; they want to line their own pockets first.

This maneuver is a deceitful way of pulling the wool over our eyes. This situation is a bit like defunding the police, but it will defund your future of survival.

Eric Johnson, Tulsa

Emotional pain

I said goodbye to Ed, my dog of 13 years. Those who are not pet lovers would say, “He was just a dog.” How wrong.

A pet becomes a member of the family. They give you unconditional love, only asking for your love in return.

As I watched him struggling to breathe, his eyes saying, “Help me, Mom. I’m struggling,” I couldn’t help but think about the millions of families across the country who have endured the emotional pain of not being able to say goodbye to their love ones.

That kind of pain lingers in your heart forever.

My dog gave me laughter. He smothered me with kisses when I arrived home. He snuggled up to me when I was sad.

Whether a pet or a human, the emotional pain is all the same.

For those who think a piece of cloth with strings across your face is not fashionable or politically correct, then shame on you!

Shame on you for not caring about your family members, the people around you or even your pet.

My thanks to Dr. Mark Appelbaum of Appelbaum Animal Clinic for the extraordinary means he took to save my dog and for the compassion he and his staff gave us.

This I know: a simple act of wearing a mask to save someone’s life is the best act of love a person can share.

Jacqueline Brown, Tulsa

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