Merkel unexpectedly asked Tihanovskaya about the Ukrainian language

Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, opposition leader of Belarus spoke about an unexpected moment in her recent talks with the German Chancellor. When Tikhanovskaya was honored with a meeting with on November 6, she suddenly asked if the interlocutor knew Ukrainian. Tikhanovskaya told the details in an interview Radio Liberty

It (Merkel) says: “Do you understand the Ukrainian language?” I say, “Of course I understand. He is not very similar to Russian, but he is very close to Belarusian, and we understand each other quite easily.“, – shared Tikhanovskaya.

was satisfied with the answer, but the interlocutors communicated in English.

The meeting with Merkel lasted 45 minutes. Following the talks, Tikhanovskaya went to the press and explained that she was looking for support from European leaders in order to find a way out of the political crisis in Belarus.

Before the recording of the interview with Radio Liberty, Tikhanovskaya demonstrated that she really speaks Belarusian and understands Ukrainian. But the oppositionist preferred to answer the questions of the journalist in Russian.

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