Scholz-Kracher: Chancellor debacle for Laschet and Co, only Söder holds up – and ignites open …

A year before the federal election, the Chancellor debate is blooming: The SPD is successful all at once, only Markus Söder is standing up. And the CDU is falling into two parts.

  • With the nomination of Olaf Scholz, the SPD has apparently succeeded in a coup for chancellor – the surveys show surprising things.
  • The Greens and especially the CDU have been hit – their chancellor candidates are experiencing the next debacle.
  • The focus continues to be on Markus Söder. His chancellor chances seem to divide the sister party deeply.

Berlin / Munich – More than a year before the planned date of the federal election, the SPD their Chancellor candidate found – and actually seems to have done himself a great favor. At least that’s what it looks like in a snapshot from the weekend.

Because while the union publicly argues over the Chancellor (or rather Söder) question, the comrades in surveys are unexpectedly clear. The decision for Olaf Scholz seems to actually help the SPD. At the same time, there is only one man in Germany for whom more Germans have what they need Chancellor competence trust as Scholz. It’s called of all things Markus Söder – and splits the CDU in the most violent way.

Chancellor debate: Olaf Scholz and Markus Söder at the top of the poll – Greens lose, debacle for Laschet and Co.

An actual survey sees significant upheavals after Scholz’s nomination: “Im Sunday trend” of the Picture on sunday (Article behind the payment barrier), the Social Democrats rise by three percentage points to 18 percent – and are now even ahead of the Greens, which fell by two points to 16 percent.

The Union also lost two points after the survey by the Kantar Emnid Institute – the survey had already started before the SPD bang and ended two days later. At Forsa, too, the Social Democrats have recently increased.

Another finding of the BamSSurvey could weigh even more heavily: 29 percent of those surveyed consider Scholz to be a suitable candidate to succeed him Chancellor * – the Vice Chancellor is clearly ahead of the CDU politicians Friedrich Merz (19 percent), Jens Spahn (18 percent) and Armin Laschet * (13 percent). Even the Greens Robert Habeck (18 percent) he leaves clearly behind. Only one potential competitor is more popular: CSU boss Markus Söder with a whopping 38 percent.

Markus Söder apparently continues to be the favorite of the Chancellor – the CDU is fermenting

These numbers should be treated with caution, given the August 6-12 survey period. After all, it was only in the middle of this phase that the debate about the embarrassing broke out Bavarian corona test breakdown Come on. But they throw a spotlight on a problem facing the Union: The SPD apparently has a candidate who for many Germans seems more competent than the top staff at CDU. And the Dispute about Söder and his opponents continue to make waves in the Union parties.

Sometimes there is now open resentment – possibly also because of Söder’s current weak phase. He was “irritated by the discussion about Markus Söder’s candidate for chancellor,” said the Rhineland-Palatinate CDU General Patrick Schieder of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS). The debate carries risks for both the CDU and the CSU.

A “group leader” wanted from the Sunday newspaper not named, but it became even clearer and explained that it was “annoyed” by Söder’s behavior: “Either he reveals his intentions, or he does the sister party a favor and holds back a little.”

At the same time there are still many Söder supporters: Lower Saxony Economics Minister Bernd Althusmann reminded of a personnel model that had been circulating for some time, which would heave Söder and Spahn into the decisive positions. The head of the Saxony-Anhalt regional group in the Union parliamentary group, Christoph Bernstiel, spoke of the “Super Team Spahn and Söder”. He shot against at the same time LashIt is to be hoped that he will “give up his candidacy”. Laschet had recently made mostly negative headlines. An election flop was also reported.

Söder causes a dispute: a clear request from Kramp-Karrenbauer – not a Scholz competitor at the CDU?

How much the open question is upsetting the CDU is another matter FAS to read rumored anecdotes. The paper claims to have learned from “insiders” that Still-party leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer Söder personally called for restraint in a phone call in July. Apparently that did not bring about peace.

So the wrestling goes on. “The future chairman of the CDU must also be a candidate for chancellor,” said State Secretary General Schieder, also formulating a position that seems very controversial internally – and which, according to the polls, many voters would not approve of. If so, the SPD * would suddenly seem to be ahead of the game, at least on the question of the chancellor. If it Olaf Scholz In the end, it doesn’t fare as well as the hopefuls of Martin Schulz, who quickly fell, in 2017fn) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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