Trump railed against Merkel on the radio and gave details of the conversation: “I didn't want her …”

chatted on a radio show about a conversation with Angela Merkel. She is said to have reacted unimpressed to his criticism of the Nord Stream 2 project.

  • Nord Stream 2 is a thorn in the side.
  • Angela Merkel he said that clearly, as he said on a radio show.
  • The Chancellor is said to have only smiled. Trump took this as confirmation of his views.

Washington – * declared on a radio show Angela Merkel* Having spoken about the Nord Stream 2 project. “Wait a moment, you are giving Russia billions of dollars and we should protect you from Russia. What kind of deal is that? ”He asked. “We protect you, but you give Russia billions of dollars every month,” Trump said, according to his own account, to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

talks about a conversation with Angela Merkel about Nord Stream 2: “What kind of deal is that?”

When the moderator Rush Limbaugh asked how Merkel had reacted, replied *: “She smiled because she is a very smart woman. She knew that there was no way to answer this question. ”Then he said that she should not answer the question. “I didn’t want to embarrass you,” Trump described the situation in a radio interview.

has been criticizing this for a long time Nord Stream 2 project* between Germany and Russia. There has also been heavy criticism of the project in Germany recently. The trigger was the poisoning of the Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny*. According to previous knowledge, the Federal Government assumes that Navalny was poisoned and as a result asked the Russian authorities to clarify transparently how the incident came about.

Video: Trump again calls for the termination of Nord Stream 2

2020 US election: chats with hardliner Rush Limbaugh for two hours

also said in a two-hour interview with the US radio host Rush Limbaughthat he gets along well with the Germans in general. He is not as stout in Germany as his predecessor Barack Obama was, but that is mainly due to the fact that Germany has benefited more under Obama’s administration.

Rush Limbaugh applies in the USA when conservative hardliner. Since 1988 he has had his own radio show: “The Rush Limbaugh Show”. The two-hour interview with the president was more like a hymn of praise than a critical questioning. Several times he praised Limbaugh’s work as president and defended him, for example, against efforts by the Democrats to remove Trump from office. Who can win the 2020 US election * will be revealed on November 3rd. The polls predict a victory for * rather than a re-election of .

The Conway family around Trump’s ex-advisor Kellyanne Conway has proven that politics within a family can lead to considerable conflicts. Her 15-year-old daughter makes serious allegations. (lb) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network

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