Deck the malls

LET us be under no illusion: Britain is in deep financial trouble.

The latest figures show the economy is nearly 10 per cent smaller than in the final three months of 2019.

We're urging Brits to hit the high street this Super Saturday & save our shops


Experts are warning of a retail slump – but it’s not too late to prove them wrongCredit: EPA

Unemployment is expected to surge to 2.6million by mid-2021.

And now experts are warning of a £9billion slump in retail sales in the run-up to Christmas compared with this time last year. But it’s not too late to prove them wrong.

Which is why we’re urging ordinary Brits who can afford to do so to hit the high street today on Super Saturday.

Doing your Christmas shopping locally instead of on Amazon might not feel particularly patriotic.

But by visiting bricks and mortar shops, you’ll be giving a crucial shot in the arm to the brilliant businesses that have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep this country’s time-honoured skills, traditions and spirit of entrepreneurship alive.

Napoleon called Britain a nation of shopkeepers, meaning it as an insult.

But we wear it as a badge of pride — one we must ensure isn’t consigned to the history books.

Mac the knife

WHAT on earth is President Macron playing at?

Threatening to veto a Brexit trade deal between Britain and the EU unless we grant his fishermen more access to our waters is not only deliberately destructive — it’s also incredibly stupid.

We're urging Brits to hit the high street this Super Saturday & save our shops


President Macron’s threat to veto a Brexit deal is incredibly stupidCredit: Rex Features

EU leaders might act like the bloc is one big, happy family.

But if the French president torpedoes a trade deal with Britain — the world’s sixth largest economy — we have a feeling he won’t be especially popular with his neighbours.

Of course, it’s possible that Monsieur Macron is banking on a chastened UK coming back to the EU next year once we’ve had a taste of No Deal.

If so, he’s made an epic miscalculation: Boris and his ministers have fought tooth and nail for our sovereignty — both in Government and outside of it — and they have no plans to give it up.

is right: if you want a deal, both sides need to move towards each other. Each side has its red lines but there’s always room for compromise.

Let’s hope she knocks some sense into her French counterpart.

Bacon saved

IT looks like we humans aren’t the only ones fed up with being penned in.

We're urging Brits to hit the high street this Super Saturday & save our shops


Plucky pigs Nora and Dotty escaped from a truck this weekCredit: John Aron

Two plucky pigs, Nora and Dotty, escaped from a truck this week.

One was caught early but the other spent 48 hours foraging through gardens until a local pet detective tracked her.

We admire their commitment to the Christmas spirit: hogging all the grub is a time-honoured festive tradition.

Late-night Xmas shoppers join huge snaking queues for Primark open 24-hours after lockdown

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