16:55 08.12.2020

Year after Normandy Four summit is year of lost opportunities for Ukraine – Nalyvaichenko

The year that passed since the Paris summit of the Normandy Four was a year of lost opportunities for Ukraine, MP Valentyn Nalyvaichenko (the Batkivschyna faction) said.

“This year conditionally began at the Normandy summit in Paris with the fact that President Volodymyr Zelensky and Ukraine, in fact, signed under the implementation of the Minsk agreements, confirming their commitment to their full implementation. This was, I think, the most negative step that this year began with, and therefore it ends with yesterday’s conversation between the President of Russia [] with the Chancellor of Germany [], where the Russian side said and asked again to leave everything at the level of the Minsk agreements, meaning both the temporary occupation of territories and illegally detained prisoners, and other violations of our sovereignty. Therefore, I believe that the year after the Paris summit was again a lost year,” Nalyvaichenko told Interfax-Ukraine on Tuesday.

According to the MP, the year after the Normandy summit did not fundamentally change for the better any of the positions for our national interests.

“And first of all, not a single step forward has been made in the matter of de-occupation, that is, the withdrawal of at least a part of Russian troops and special services from the temporarily occupied territories, both Donetsk and Luhansk regions and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea,” Nalyvaichenko said.

Answering the question when the summit of the leaders of the Normandy Four countries might take place, the MP said: “Let’s go back to the communique signed in Paris, where it was clearly stated that such a summit was supposed to take place in the four months, that is, in April this year. It took place neither in April, nor in July, nor in September. And it is clear that this year it will not take place. And the reason for this is that Ukraine and its leadership have returned themselves to the situation of 2015, and today it is already late 2020!”

Nalyvaichenko believes that Ukraine has only one way out, “it is necessary to prepare its own national action plan for de-occupation, for the restoration of peace.”

The MP said that this plan can be based on the Minsk agreements, but it is necessary to go further and reach other positions.

“First of all, in matters of international pressure on Russia to withdraw troops and their special services from the temporarily occupied territories. This is a question of 2021! Without this, not a single summit, I think, will take place,” Nalyvaichenko said.

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