Covid Vaccine Rollout Could Start Before The End Of 2020 – Health Minister

vaccines could start to be rolled out here before the end of the year, according to the Health Minister.

The government’s been setting out its plan for how 14.6 million doses will be distributed across the country.

It’ll start in nursing homes and large hospitals with mass vaccination centres set up once more vaccines are available.

Around 1,500 healthcare workers and 180 community-based staff will be involved in administering the jab.

The European Medicines Agency has said its meeting to decide whether to approve the Pfizer vaccine will now take place on December 21st.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly says they’re ready in case a jab is approved earlier than planned:

“The plan was designed to be flexible, including if the EMA brought it’s timeline forward.”

“It is possible, if the EMA does authorise this vaccine, that an initial, it’d be at a low level, but an initial round of vaccination could begin before the new year.”

Vaccine Compensation Scheme On The Way

Meanwhile Taoiseach has said the state is preparing a compensation scheme around the vaccine.

The state has to indemnify the companies that provide the vaccines in order to get access.

Taoiseach has said they don’t know what the scale of any possible compensation scheme might be as a result of indemnification:

“The indemnity clause is in the advanced purchase, agreements relating to indemnification and liability are open-ended.”

“Requiring member states to provide legal support, costs and payment of claims arising from any damages associated with administration of the vaccine.”

“It’s obviously not possible to quantify the extent of any claims that may arise.”

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