Irish president deserves praise for reaching out

One of the most difficult issues on this island is the commemoration of the past, and one of the dangers of this is adopting a solely partisan attitude, either deliberately or unwittingly.

herefore full marks are due to the Irish President Michael D Higgins for his comments on the weekend centenary of Bloody Sunday in Dublin.

He pointed out that the events of that day are selectively recalled, and he referred not just to the 14 people who were killed when British forces opened fire on the crowd attending a football match in Croke Park, but also those British victims killed earlier.

It is important to note also that the UUP politician Doug Beattie rightly praised the president’s remarks in “reaching out” and applauded him for doing so.

The president’s words are indeed worth remembering as both parts of Ireland weave their way through these important and sensitive landmarks of history.

One of the benefits of long time passing is that it gives us an opportunity to look back with some perspective as we try to chart a better way for the future for all of us.

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