Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner were shown together again in an act at the former ESMA

Alberto Fernandez Y Cristina Kirchner they met again after one year of government of the Frente de Todos, in a ceremony at the former ESMA.

The President and his vice participated in the delivery of the « Azucena Villaflor » awards for human rights, in the building located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Nuñez.

The first to speak was the former president who recalled that the last time she had been in today’s Space for Memory and Human Rights was five years ago « when she inaugurated the refurbishment of six of the 21 buildings that were restored with cooperative members of the Argentina Trabaja plan. and the They Do ”.

« Now there are other human rights that we also have to come to repair and that have been damaged. This parable of an ESMA that was a house of terror and that today Unesco wants to incorporate into the heritage of humanity we must recover it because it has been abandoned and incidentally to recover that very virtuous thing of social programs « , he expressed in a criticism of the previous government.

And he added: « While it wasn’t Disneyland back in 2015, we were living much better. We had a more organized life. We knew how much we had to save for the house, the transport, the car. Some could organize it better. They could go on vacation. That’s what politics is all about: not disorganizing people’s lives. The pandemic has given us a very hard blow « .

Finally, when taking stock of the first year of management, he pointed out, looking at : « President, you have a very tough task because this unprecedented pandemic came to the pandemic of the macroeconomic economy that we do not even know how it will end. »

Then it was the turn of the President who praised and thanked the women present who received the award and asked « to do justice to those who generated the worst tragedy in Argentina » in reference to the genocide victims.

It is worth remembering that the Azucena Villaflor awards for civic career in defense of human rights were not awarded between 2015 and 2020, during the government of Mauricio Macri. It’s about a This award was created by Néstor Kirchner in 2003 and whose first edition was held in the White Room of the Casa Rosada, in 2004.

and Cristina Kirchner had met for the last time in a ceremony on August 31, when the President announced the restructuring of the debt with private creditors. Although they both participated in Diego Maradona’s wake at Casa Rosada, a couple of weeks ago, it was not an official event.

The reunion also took place one day after the letter published by the vice president in which she takes stock of the first year in office without naming the president. In the text, he also pointed harshly against the Supreme Court.

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