An adviser to Donald Trump accused Argentina of leading an attempt to “kidnap” the IDB elections

Mauricio Claver-Carone, ’s main adviser for Latin America and United States candidate for the presidency of the Inter-American Development Bank .

Mauricio Claver-Carone, National Security Advisor for Latin America of Donald trump, today accused Argentina of leading an attempt to « kidnapping”Of the elections to elect president of the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) that must be carried out between September 12 and 13. « We are seeing a minority effort led by Argentina to be able to hinder the election because they have not been able or wanted to present a competitive vision”, Said the candidate of the White House to chair the multilateral credit agency.

« Four countries have sought to postpone the election despite having voted on July 9 for a resolution to carry it out. The only thing that has changed from then until now is that our candidacy has won the support of the majority of the region« , he pointed Claver-Carone in a press conference in which Infobae participated. « They simply seek to force an impediment tactic on a minority of countries. Any attempt to hijack an election despite very clear rulemaking would be not only undemocratic, but also an effort that the United States is going to confront very deeply.”.

Claver-Carone, who knows in detail what is happening in the region, is the applicant of Trump to preside over the IDB for the next five years. The decision of Washington was not well received by the government of Alberto Fernandez, who seeks by all means to boycott the election and prevent the career diplomat from assuming the presidency.

« It’s a minority effort”, He remarked Claver-Carone confident of achieving the majority he needs to reach the top of the body. « It seeks to subvert the process, leave the bank in paralysis, scare the private sector. Because a minority should not prevail over a majority. It would promote slowness and uncertainty in management”Said the State Department official in a conference.

According Claver-Carone, one of the advisers who listens the most Trump, the suspension of the elections this year would damage the « transparency » of the entity and provoke political views « antiquated and adept rhetoric to the 60s, against a 2020 and looking to the future. Seeks to leave a void, to go against a proposal without presenting a positive alternative”. Despite the announcements, the councilor of the White House said not to be concerned about the attempts of the Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica and Mexico to carry the elections beyond 2020. « We are winning 17-4. If you win 17-4 it goes well. If the other proposal, instead of ending the game, wants to steal the ball and run off the court« , Stated while pointing out that »the European Union is not a member of the IDB”.

« You see this rhetoric from the 1960s. Please, gentlemen, we are in 2020. The United States has no imperialist intention towards the Western Hemisphere. Let’s look to the future. Sad that we are with that rhetoric. They are nonsense. We are all Americans or we are not. There has been more talk of the IDB in the last six weeks in the United States and elsewhere than in the last 60 years”, He concluded.

Claver-Carone’s response to criticism

The application of Claver-Carone surprised: it is the first time that U.S anoint a candidate to preside over the IDB since its founding in 1959. The countries that have expressed their full support for the North American decision are fifteen so far. They stand out from them: Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Honduras, Haiti, Uruguay, El Salvador, Jamaica, Panama, Venezuela (through Juan Guaidó) and Bolivia.

In dialogue with Infobae a few weeks ago, the official of Trump He had said that he was « honored » by the challenge, defined himself as passionate about Latin America and underlined what his plans are once he is elected by the member countries. « I am honored to be that candidate due to my proven track record working with the region. I have a very clear vision, and we have already taken some important steps to improve our future as business partners, friends and neighbors. Let’s be clear: this represents a huge commitment on the part of the United States. And my personal commitment is that together we can succeed in executing transformative and historic changes, for the good of the region, to accelerate the current recovery and mutual economic growth.”.

During that interview, Claver-Carone he had said that countries that questioned his application did so for a simple reason: their origins. « They simply oppose me because of my American nationality, without evaluating my Latin American heritage and my proven contribution to the region. My career demonstrates a commitment to economic issues and other important priorities in the region”, He declared.

Countries against

The government of Mexico requested this Friday postpone the election to president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), considering that there are no conditions at this time due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this way it joins Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica and the European Union, which had already spoken in a similar way. According to Claver-Carone, the attack against him is directed by the Argentine Foreign Ministry.

, President of Argentina and Mauricio Claver-Carone, National Security Advisor for Latin America to

« Hacienda agrees on postpone the election of the president of this body until there are conditions for it, especially to discuss and define the role of this institution in the face of the social and economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 situation, ″ the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) pointed out on Twitter.

In the message, the ministry highlighted that the election of the highest representative of the IDB is of « utmost importance » for the regionBut the current health crisis led to the postponement of the last two governors’ assemblies, « a responsibility that rests with the finance ministers. » “This has prevented the governors from having the opportunity to discuss the presidency of the IDB. Chile raised the relevance of postponing the date of election of the president, until the governors can meet again in person « , he stressed.


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Mexico seeks to postpone the election of the new IDB president due to the coronavirus pandemic

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