Argentina.- Alberto Fernández points to the IMF as “jointly responsible” for the situation in Argentina


Argentine President affirmed this Sunday that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) “is jointly responsible” for the crisis that occurred in Argentina during the government of Mauricio Macri.

“The first time I spoke with the Fund, when I was a candidate for president, I explained to them that they were jointly responsible for what was going on in Argentina,” he said in an interview with Radio 10 collected by the Argentine news agency . .

“I recommended that the last 11,000 million dollars that they were going to give to the Government of (Mauricio) Macri should not be given because they were going to escape. And that happened. The money that the Macri government received only had the purpose of allowing the outflow of speculative capital that were in Argentina “, has riveted.

In addition, Fernández has defended the management of his Government. “Surely we have done many things wrong,” he said in reference to the intervention of the agro-industrial company Vicentin, later reversed, but stressed that the national government “has achieved many things” in economic and social matters despite the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have achieved many things. The most important in economic terms is an agreement with private creditors that allows Argentina, after 10 years, to owe 38,000 million dollars less. And it also frees us so that we can invest in development and not in payment of interest on the debt, “he highlighted.

In this context, Fernández has indicated that “the effort we have to make is to rebuild our domestic market as soon as possible” and that “from there, see the opportunities that exist: Argentina has many investment opportunities.”

The president has also defended the importance of the sanction in the Chamber of Deputies of the project of Solidarity Contribution of the Great Fortunes and reiterated that “it is a one-time contribution and not a tax.” Entrepreneurs “should be proud to help a society that needs them in the midst of an emergency and grateful society,” he argued.

He also highlighted the “success” of the strategy against the pandemic. “The pandemic itself and a serious problem with the public health system in Argentina, which had been absolutely deteriorated,” he declared.

“Even the Ministry of Health had disappeared. We had to use those first months of a little stricter quarantine to put the Argentine health system in order,” he pointed out.

Regarding his relationship with his vice president and former president of the country, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the president has stressed that “the decision-making is mine, it is always mine and there are no doubts about that: in the successes and the mistakes.”

“What happens is that I do not forget that we are a coalition, that I respect and within the coalition there is a person of the political stature of Cristina. I pay attention to these things,” he stated. “The secret of the coalition is also to take care of the susceptibility of the other, it is to take care that the other feels part of the coalition. One of the things that I believe failed in the Government before ours is that they formed a coalition and when they came to the Government , the President said ‘the government is from my party, not from the coalition,’ “he argued.

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