How the participation of CFK with Alberto Fernández in the act for Human Rights in the former …

already knew that he would be alone to remember his first year as head of state. Cristina Kirchner had posted a balance letter without naming him, and confirmed through her protocol that she would not be with the President in any of the official activities scheduled for December 10, 2020.

It was a political nuisance and proof of the distance that separates from CFK. It is not usual that the electoral formula that wins the presidential elections does not celebrate with its militants a year later. And even less in the liturgy of the hype and the withered that Peronism has preserved since the mid-twentieth century.

Around noon, assumes that he has to take the first step. He is convinced of the need to defuse the tension in the ruling coalition. He looked for CFK’s very private cell phone number, and invited her to the ex-Esma’s act.

-I remember when we opened ESMA with Néstor and you-the president told CFK.

Yes– The vice president answered.

Do you want to come?

-Agree. I go.

How the participation of CFK with Alberto Fernández in the act for Human Rights in the former … and Cristina Fernández at the exEsma before the official ceremony

The diplomatic gesture of the President was barely reciprocated by Cristina. During the previous meeting -see photo above- the distance is evident, and in the official ceremony gave a political foot that CFK avoided without dissimulation.

“Today is a special day, we are one year old, Cristina,” recalled the head of state when he began his speech.

Everyone applauded, except the Vice President, who put on a face of circumstance.

Before the event at the former ESMA, the Minister of Culture, Tristán Bauer, telephoned the President. “Litto (Nebbia) is testing sound at CCK. Are you coming? is a friend of the legendary Argentine musician, and he did not hesitate for a moment.

He’s playing Litto, come on told his spokesman Juan Pablo Biondi.

Biondi put his truck on the Balcarce 50 esplanade, asked for a Federal Police guard, and took the head of state to the CCK. It was a moment of relaxation: Nebbia played “A Mouse on Vacation” (1972) on the guitar, and later did wonders with a Steinway and sons piano that was in the Ballena of the Kirchner Cultural Center.

listens to Litto Nebbia in the CCK’s Ballena

The visit to the CCK and his chance meeting with Litto Nebbia was not the only activity outside the protocol that carried out in his first year in office. When the act ended with CFK, the president was walking through a corridor of the former Esma going to the official helicopter. Two teachers crossed his path and invited him to a graduation ceremony taking place at the Raggio Technical School.

-Now-. asked the President.

-Yes. Are you coming? – one of the teachers begged.

-Okay. Let’s go.

How the participation of CFK with Alberto Fernández in the act for Human Rights in the former … delivering diplomas at the Raggio Technical School

During the grade collation, The President thanked the invitation, made a defense of the public school and ratified his position on the quarantine against COVID-19. He stayed for half an hour, got on the helicopter and traveled to Olivos.

In the fifth presidential session, Santiago Cafiero, Chief of Staff, was already waiting. During the afternoon, Cafiero had been meeting with Kirchner senators Anabel Fernández Sagasti and Oscar Parrilli to adjust the roadmap for abortion treatment in the Upper House.

The Chief of Staff was satisfied: CFK was willing to speed up the treatment of an initiative that is part of the legacy that wants to leave in his presidential term. At least that is what Fernández Sagasti and Parrilli implied.

Milanesa of meat and mashed potatoes. The president invited Cafiero and Biondi, two officials who are already his shadow in the Casa Rosada, to dinner. Cafiero hardly ate because he was watching River Plate and its difficulties in kicking penalties, while and Biondi did not stop spurring on the Chief of Staff.

There was time to take stock of the year in office and the upcoming political challenges. They do not believe that it is necessary for CFK to tiebreaker in the Senate when the final sanction of the abortion law is voted, and they assume that there will be a new foreign minister in Argentina. Cafiero and Biondi left Olivos when the second year of the presidential term had already begun.

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