“In a pandemic there is no criticism with demonstrations, I prefer that they hit the pans”

The President participated tonight in a television interview and warned about the advance of the coronavirus in the country Credit: Presidency

After a week full of hostilities, one of the roughest in his administration, the President of the Nation, , participated in a television interview. « I am predestined to build on the ashes, » he said. In addition, he pointed out against opposition protests, saying: « In a pandemic you don’t criticize with demonstrations, I’d rather they hit the pans. »

In a dialogue that revolved around the coronavirus pandemic, the economic situation in Argentina, the negotiations with the IMF and the judicial reform promoted by the Government, Fernández told what worries him and asked the population, once again , that respect the isolation measures. « It keeps me awake that the infections continue, » he said.

In dialogue with the program « Sobredosis de TV », of the C5N news channel, he emphasized: « We have to understand that no one is guaranteeing us the vaccine for a month from now. The one that claims to arrive the fastest arrives in February. We have to take care of ourselves there is no other way back ».

There was a rebound in the economy

Regarding his management during , he said that the latest data shows « a rebound in the economy » and stressed that Argentina « is going to recover. » « We are not aware of everything we did: the card against hunger, free medicines for retirees, the IFE, the ATP, we set up the Ministry of Health, we built hospitals and all that while we renegotiated the debt they left us », listed.

Likewise, it reinforced the request for preventive care throughout the country, warned about the increase in circulation and, therefore, the growth in infections. Therefore, he asked that the population « not relax. » And he said, « I want all of us to keep in mind that we are not well. »
[R]»We have to make a huge effort to raise awareness for all Argentines. The problem did not end, we must be careful, preserve ourselves and avoid social gatherings. President


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August 30, 2020

Despite this, Fernández said that this Sunday he will receive « loved ones » in the Quinta de Olivos, which generated a great impact on social networks by users who were outraged at the example of the Head of State. «If I tell you what I am doing tomorrow I will have people at Olivos’ door waiting. Lunch with people I love, « he said.

Openings in the city

Along these lines, he made a difference with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who recently set up bars in the city of Buenos Aires and considered that he would have waited « a little longer. » «The head of the Buenos Aires government put a lot of pressure on me from the merchants. But I do not want to put the responsibility on him because it is a decision that we make together, « said the president.

They have made people think that risk does not exist when being on the street

« They have made people think that being in the street the risk does not exist, » he warned. Although he recognized the current claim of the merchants, he maintained: “We have to be aware that we are very far from winning the battle. We have made a great effort and there is no point losing it.

Regarding this, the President explained that the original idea of ​​the Head of Government was to open around 8 thousand bars and restaurants. However, he said that he asked him to enable only those who already have authorization to have tables on the streets.

His differences with Mauricio Macri

Regarding Mauricio Macri, Fernández referred to the intersection he had with the former president and noted: « I have no need to lie, I would have liked not to hear that from a former president. »

Macri denied the version that Fernández made public about the dialogue between the two in which, according to the President, the founder of Pro would have alerted him to the economic impact of the quarantine and would have told him « that all those who have to die die » .

Also, he criticized the massive social demonstrations that took place in rejection of some government measures and said: « In a pandemic, demonstrations are not criticized, I prefer that they hit the pans. » Along these lines, he criticized the former president celebrating the population’s departure to the streets: « I don’t think it is a happy comment, » he said. And he added that « every time there was a march, the cases increased. » In addition, he pointed out that in Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel ordered to « repress the antiquarantine marches. »

Judicial reform

Thus, the President questioned the opposition’s position on the judicial reform project, which this week obtained half approval from the Senate, stating that « they did not even know about the project and were already waving a flag against the law. »

In a pandemic it is not criticized with demonstrations, I prefer that they hit the pans

“It amazes me that they lie in this way, that they are so cynical about putting it this way. It is not even a judicial reform, it is a law that orders the operation of the Federal Justice in the country. No judge touches, « said the president. And he stressed: «The opposition would have to vote for it with both hands. Because it is the best guarantee that we will not do to them what they did to us »

Debt and the Argentine economy

On the other hand, Fernández affirmed that he is not going to make « an adjustment that the people pay » and said that he trusts that the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva, « will understand. »

« I am very confident that she realizes that we cannot make her pay more costs to those who have already lost everything, we just have to put them back on the stage of society, » said the President in statements to C5N.

I’m not going to make an adjustment that people pay

«I feel that Pope Francis always advises me well. She told me that when I had a talk with Kristalina Gueorguieva, who is Bulgarian, I spoke to her about poverty, that she understood well. She told me that the Pope was right, « he began by saying about his link with the Supreme Pontiff. In addition, when speaking about Gueorguieva, he added: « Trust me, in what I am not going to do: I am not going to make an adjustment that people pay. »
[R]“We are already showing how we got out of the debt labyrinth, now we are going to get out of the labyrinth of the prostrate economy that they left us. We did it once and we are going to do it twice ». President


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August 30, 2020

Finally, he was optimistic: “We are already showing how we got out of the debt maze. Now we are going to leave the labyrinth of the prostrate economy that they left us. We did it once and we are going to do it twice. And I hope it’s the last time.

Public services

In another part of the interview, Fernández referred to his latest measure that established by decree that cable television, internet and mobile telephony will be public services. And he defended the decision, considering that it is « an absolute economic rationality » because fixed telephony practically disappeared.

«If we had to regulate the price of fixed telephony because it was a public service, now that it has been replaced by cell phones, don’t we also have to regulate the price of cell phones? Obviously yes, « he said.

Today the Internet is what the library was in my time

And he added: «Horacio told me about the 6 thousand boys who did not have connectivity and need to go back to school. I explained to him that the problem is not that they go to school, but that the problem to be solved is that the boys have connectivity. Give connectivity to those who do not have it. Today the Internet is what the library was in my time.


The President considered that « more troops and resources are needed » in security. “It is a very important issue, we have fewer cases, but it is not because things are better, but because of the pandemic. The first victim of insecurity is the poorest, we have to tackle this problem seriously. We were working with Axel [Kicillof] and the mayors and I estimate that this week we are going to present a security plan for Greater Buenos Aires, which is where we have the most problems and we are going to generate funds so that the Police are adequately equipped and a project so that 4 thousand gendarmes are present.

Economic future

In a projection as a possible way out of the recession that Argentina is going through, Fernández highlighted the role of entrepreneurs in the country, who must « trust, invest and produce work. » «The first thing we have to do is that the activity recovers and that the work is a constant demand. We’ve done it a thousand times, ”he said.

We gon ‘get up and I hope it was the last time we fell

«I have a talk with the employers, trade unionists, with the workers, with everyone. Nobody is saved from this alone. What I need are entrepreneurs who trust, invest, produce and provide work. And if possible, that they export, because we need foreign exchange to enter, « he explained.

And he said: «I don’t want an Argentina where the business is to invest in a fixed term, buy dollars or bet on a bond. I want an Argentina where the investment will build roads, bridges, railways, ports […] We have not fallen and they will not throw us. We are going to get up and I hope it was the last time that we fell, that we learned.

Wealth tax

During the interview, he also defended the ruling party’s project to establish the wealth tax, which he described as « a one-time contribution of great fortunes » and stressed that the same was applied in many countries, including Germany. He even recalled that, « in the G20, everyone agreed on a tax on large fortunes. »

In this line, he denied that it is an alleged increase in the income tax rate, versions that took place as a result of the presentation of that initiative that was formalized on Friday in the Chamber of Deputies.

« Responsibility and social commitment should force them to understand that the contribution is necessary, » said Fernández and clarified -also- that these funds have « specific purposes, intended for the poorest sectors and the productive sector, small and medium enterprises ».

Referring to the King of England, John I, who ruled in the 12th century, he problematized: « From Juan Sin Tierra onwards it has always been a problem that the State collects taxes. » And he added: «What happens is that in those countries they are fortunate to have businessmen and rich people more supportive than we have in Argentina. The truth is that this affects only 12 thousand people out of the 44 million [de habitantes]».

The President stressed that the minimum amount to be reached by this tax would be « 200 million dollars », but then it had to be corrected. Can I clarify something? So that you don’t despair, it’s 200 million pesos, not dollars. They all dumped if they were dollars. Bah, I do not know if all, « he said.


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