Governors of different provinces today asked to suspend the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory elections (PASO) scheduled for next year, a request that was « heard » by the president, who asked that this idea be publicly supported by the largest number of provincial referents.

Sources close to the governors told . that the order was formalized this noon at lunch shared by a score of governors and the President in the Presidential Estate of Olivos.

« The president listened and asked for a consensus, including the opposition governors, » sources close to the provincial leaders pointed out.

The provincial leaders agreed to argue that the cost of the electoral process plus the logistics and resources that the vaccination plan will require against coronavirus, when doses become available in Argentina as of next year, they would make it difficult to carry out.

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« This agreement has to do with the responsibility of how we are going to grow sensibly and how we are going to face the future together, not because of the fright of a virus but because of the opportunity to build our own destiny, » said the president during the ceremony. was held at the Bicentennial Museum of the Government House.

the governors asked Alberto Fernández to suspend the PASO

In that sense, they commented that although some of those opposition governors are in favor of the idea, who did not speak about it because he was absent from the meeting was the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

In addition, they indicated that possibly in the next few hours a document will be made public bearing the signatures of the interested leaders, probably through a requested one.

On the other hand and regarding the suspension, if agreed, it could be given through an Act of Congress or a Presidential Necessity and Urgency Decree, provided it has the explicit support of the governors, explained the sources.

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