The IMF mission will conclude its visit to Argentina this Friday and will return to Washington Sergio Massa led a meeting with IMF organizations in the National Congress .

After 10 days of stay in the country, the mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will leave Argentina this Friday for its headquarters in Washington. After concluding its agenda, the multilateral organization is expected to report a balance of the visit.

The entourage led by Julie Kozak, Deputy Director of the Department for the Western Hemisphere, and Luis Cubeddu, head of the Fund’s mission for Argentina, who came to the country to negotiate a new financial program, will return to the United States today. Agency sources informed . that this Friday the representatives of the mission will hold a series of virtual meetings and then leave for Washington DC.

Since last Sunday the meetings of the members with local authorities are held online after the case of Luis Cubeddu who, after meeting with Sergio Massa, Miguel Pesce and Martín Guzmán, among other leaders, it was reported that he had tested positive for COVID- 19, forcing government officials to isolate themselves in a preventive manner.

Due to the protocol established for situations of this nature, those who were in contact with the Venezuelan economist had to confine themselves and wait to be subjected to a test to determine their state of health. The case of the IMF envoy was apparently a “false positive”, since after being confirmed as infected he was swabbed twice and tested negative both times. Once it was confirmed that he was finally not affected by the coronavirus, the isolation for Massa, Guzmán and Pesce was lifted. In this way, the president of the Chamber of Deputies was informed in time and was able to preside over the session in which the wealth tax was debated.

“I am pleased to report that the subsequent coronavirus tests that our colleague in Buenos Aires underwent came back negative. We are relieved with the news and very grateful for the support of the Argentine authorities throughout the process, “he said last Wednesday from Washington. Gerry rice, lead spokesperson for the IMF.

The IMF mission will conclude its visit to Argentina this Friday and will return to Washington The governor of Neuquén, Omar Gutiérrez, held a virtual meeting with IMF authorities

The Government of negotiates with the Monetary Fund an Extended Facilities program that will imply postponing maturities to 10 years and beginning to repay the loan only after 2005. Throughout this week, the representatives of the multilateral organization held virtual meetings with officials from the Ministry of Economy and the Central Bank, among others. It is expected that after closing its agenda this Friday, the IMF will release a press release with a balance of the activity developed throughout these days. There are still no details on the closing of the negotiations.

Last Wednesday, within the framework of a Senate commission meeting, the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, assured that the Government’s objective is “to be able to reach a program with the IMF that allows us to refinance the scheduled maturities.”

“We need to have a program that allows us to have a reprogramming of these payments, a program of Argentine society that feels the pillars of economic growth,” said the head of the Palacio de Hacienda. On the other hand, when evaluating the negotiations between Argentina and the IMF, the international risk rating agency Moody’s considered that “a possible agreement the Fund is an opportunity for the Government to be able to achieve medium-term objectives, with respect to lowering the deficit and the macroeconomic objectives ”.

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