Saturday, November 28, 2020

Bolivian government offers full guarantee to Jeanine Áñez during judicial processLa Paz, Nov 28.- The Bolivian Minister of Justice, Iván Lima, gave all the guarantees of due process to the former de facto president, Jeanine Áñez, one of the leaders of the coup in November 2019.

We urge former President Jeanine Áñez to respond to all complaints, to all actions with the calm that she manifests, said Lima.

Later, he emphasized that “this Government guarantees due process, guarantees that all the actions of the Judicial Branch will be within the framework of independence.”

These statements come to light after Áñez demanded “impartial justice in the investigation into the acts of violence before and after the 2019 elections,” through social networks.

In November of last year, Bolivia suffered a coup d’état, in which high-ranking officers of the Police and the Army intervened, together with several politicians from the radical right.

This event resulted in the overthrow of then-President , who days before had won the general elections and was preparing to serve a new term at the head of the Bolivian government.

During the actions taken by the de facto government, headed by Áñez, the massacres of Sacaba and Senkata occurred , where dozens of people died and many others were injured.

A few days ago, Áñez tried to escape the country to take refuge abroad, but social organizations in the department of Beni prevented it.

Two of his main henchmen in the coup, Arturo Murillo, former Minister of Government, and Fernando López, former Minister of Defense, did manage to flee, although a search and arrest warrant from Interpol weighs on them. (Text and photo: PL) 

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