Former Bolivia president announced Tuesday he had re-taken the leadership of the ruling Movement for Socialism (MAS) party he founded, a week after returning from exile.

“Evaluating the results of the elections and other issues, we decided by consensus that from this moment on, Evo will assume the presidency of the Movement for Socialism,” Morales told a press conference in the central city of Cochabamba, referring to himself.

He said he had already called a meeting of party leaders next week to discuss departmental and mayoral elections due in March 2021.

Thousands of supporters turned out to greet Morales when he returned to his stronghold of Chimore last week, after a 600-mile (1,000 kilometre) homecoming tour.

Morales fled Chimore and Bolivia a year ago, having lost the support of the armed forces amid violent protests against his re-election to an unconstitutional fourth term.

Morales fled into exile to Mexico and later Argentina, fearing arrest by the right-wing interim government of president , a former senator who filled a power-vacuum in the aftermath of the riots.

Morales’s former economy minister Luis Arce won the re-run of the annulled election last month.

The ex-president has repeatedly said he will not engage in politics, though his critics are sceptical.

Morales, 61, recently said that he is working with Arce on coordinating government affairs.


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