Bolivia's Interim President Calls on Morales to Testify on Alleged Molestation in Court

must provide explanations over the sexual assault of minors. Explanations to courts and explanations to the country”, Anez said on Twitter.

​Last week, the Bolivian Justice Ministry put forward accusations against Morales over starting an affair with a 14-year-old girl while in office as president. A video was leaked into the internet of the girl, Noemi Meneses Chavez, who is now 19, congratulating Morales on a five-year anniversary as a couple. A pile of other photo- and video-evidence is part of the case.

Morales, 60, is already under investigation on several other cases, including alleged terrorism and corruption. The ex-president himself has denied the allegations, claiming they are politically-motivated.

Morales was pressured by the military to flee Venezuela on the back of violent nationwide protests last fall. They were ignited by his controversial victory in an election that would launch his fourth consecutive presidential term.

Opposition lawmaker Jeanine Anez has since taken over as interim president and arranged for a new presidential election, scheduled for 18 October. Morales is barred from running, but he administers the campaign of a candidate from his Movement for Socialism (MAS) party from exile in Argentina.

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