The dictator of Bolivia left, but the dictatorship continues

In the image, the former president of Bolivia . . / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni / Arcivo

With the resignation of , the dictator of Bolivia came out, but the dictatorship continues as a system that has liquidated all the essential elements of democracy and supplanted the Republic. The dictatorship that continues to govern Bolivia is founded on a legal-constitutional structure that violates human rights, a criminal-territorial structure based on drug trafficking, and an order of impunity. Today the Bolivian crisis is dictatorial oppression, which has produced and is aggravating the health, economic, social and political crisis, which has continental importance as a precedent for the recovery of democracy in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

Democracy in the Americas is « a right of the peoples » in all the signatory states of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, which by this « constitutive treaty » have the obligation to fulfill the essential elements of democracy which are « among others, the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; access to power and its exercise subject to the rule of law; the holding of periodic, free, fair elections based on universal and secret suffrage as an expression of the sovereignty of the people; the plural regime of political parties and organizations; and the separation and independence of the public powers ”.

When came to power on January 22, 2006, he did so in the Republic of Bolivia for a term of 5 years without the option of continuous reelection, for which he had to hand over power in January 2011. He remained for almost 14 years until his resignation on November 10, 2019 and to do so, it eliminated the essential elements of democracy and with falsifications, massacres, exiles and crimes, supplanted the « Republic of Bolivia » with its « plurinational state » a constitution promulgated on February 7, 2009 – complying with the Castro-Chavista agenda – imposed the legal system of the dictatorship, eliminated the rule of law, controlled all powers, eliminated universal suffrage and built an order of corruption and impunity.

A « transitional government » has the mandate and purpose of « moving from dictatorship to democracy », ceasing the dictatorial system and its structures to replace the Republic and the essential elements of democracy. Transition is the way to recover what was usurped by the dictatorship by returning to Bolivians basic rights, freedoms and guarantees such as respect for human rights, validity and equality before the law, suitable and impartial judges, universal vote based on the equality of citizens , legal and personal security of returning to live in a country with « predictability » and « institutionality ».

The full validity of the dictatorship is expressed and demonstrated by:

1.- the dictatorial legal-constitutional structure with the constitution of the plurinational state that continues to supplant the Republic and that maintains effective the “powers of the dictatorship” in the national assembly or dictatorial legislative power, the supreme court of justice and the plurinational constitutional court with all the judges of the dictatorship, the prosecutors of the dictatorship, the departmental electoral courts and all the dictatorial organizations that simulate institutions. To cease this structure, it is only necessary to recognize the « validity of the Republic of Bolivia with the Constitution of 1967/94 » until now supplanted and captive.

2.- the criminal-territorial structure established in the federations of coca / cocaine producers of which is the head and in the so-called social movements that are groups in the methodology of 21st century socialism, comparable to the collectives of Venezuela . Criminal groups that commit crimes of intimidation, blockades, property damage, assassinations, extortion and more, with which Morales has produced multiple massacres to subdue the Bolivian people, since October 2003 with public confessions, November 2019 with recorded evidence of his authorship and the recent blockade with dozens of deaths. The restitution of the « rule of law » and the return to the « fight against drug trafficking as a state policy » mark the dismantling of this scourge.

3.- An order of impunity generated and sustained by the legal-constitutional structure of the dictatorship protects the criminal-territorial structure. The criminals of the dictatorship know that they will not be punished, they are above the law and if necessary they make « infamous laws » to have impunity. is the symbol of impunity, for the 2003 massacres covered by amnesty decrees, impunity for the 2019 electoral fraud and impunity for the November 2019 massacres protected by the « political guarantees law » approved by his dictatorial legislature after of the massacres, unpunished for accusations of rape and rape of minors by their prosecutors and judges. Impunity ceases with the Republic.

* Lawyer and Political Scientist. Director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy

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