The president of Bolivia traveled to Brazil for a routine medical check-up

“It is a routine exam. Every year I am doing it and hopefully everything, as before, goes well. I am fine, but prevention is always the best medicine”The president told the state news agency ABI before boarding the commercial flight that transferred him to the neighboring country.

The return of the Bolivian head of state is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, said the presidential spokesman Jorge Richter.

During Arce’s absence, the vice president David Choquehuanca will assume the presidency of the Andean country.

“The medical evaluation is carried out in Brazil where his medical file is and where he was treated from the beginning”Richter explained in response to the opposition, which criticized the president’s failure to go to the Bolivian health system, the AFP news agency said.

The spokesman urged opponents “not to do politics from the health of the president” and to “maintain health in the private sphere of the people.”

Arce was former President ’ economy minister and resigned in 2017 after he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. After completing his medical treatment in Brazil, he resumed the Economy portfolio in January 2019.

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