Warning from the president of Bolivia to the military

Arce said that the Armed Forces, and in general all State institutions, should collaborate in the investigation currently being carried out by a group of experts from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) on the massacres that followed the coup against the Government of .

According to Arce, who celebrates one month in the Presidency this Tuesday, the transitory government of , that was installed after the departure of Morales, “Unfortunately, he misused the Armed Forces by confronting the Bolivian people.”

When the military acted at the service of “interests of groups of people who sought power to profit and enrich themselves in an illicit way,” the massacres that shook the country and the world took place, Arce said.

“That is why the IACHR is in Bolivia, which has the fundamental mission of investigating,” remarked.

Arce added that through the elections last October, won by the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), the people put an end to the transition to “overcome the nightmare moments experienced during the Government” and “work in peace and harmony to overcome the crisis. “.

A few days before the change of executive, the Bolivian parliament, controlled by the MAS, asked the Attorney General’s Office to initiate a trial of responsibilities to Áñez and ordinary criminal trials of his cabinet and military and police chiefs for the political massacres that the IACHR.

These trials would be based not only on the violence itself but also on a decree by Áñez and his cabinet that authorized the use of military force against the protests, exempting the uniformed from possible criminal responsibilities.

The experts from the international organization began their investigation on November 23, 15 days after Arce’s inauguration, and they plan to present their report within six months.

Mendoza Moro died on November 16 of last year in Bolivia. He worked as a correspondent for Página 12 in Bolivia. In Mendoza, he worked for Radio Nacional and was a reference in the coverage of trials for crimes against humanity in the group Juicios Mendoza.

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