20 International characters of the pandemic year

Joe biden

Biden will become the oldest president to reach the White House on January 20. The future president has affirmed that his two priorities will be the fight against the pandemic and the reconciliation of a divided country, without having yet received recognition from the Republican president. As will be recalled, the president received at least 74.2 million votes, nine more than in 2016 and obtained around 48 percent of the popular vote, which means that he retained the support of almost half of the electorate and will assert his leadership during the following mandate.

In an atypical and extremely restricted campaign, Biden achieved the presidency practically without leaving his home in Delaware and limited his participation in public events as much as possible, favoring a few « virtual » meetings with small groups of voters or donors. Biden has promised that he will overturn the process of withdrawing the United States from the World Health Organization (WHO), launched by Trump, and return to the Paris Climate Agreement to limit the emissions that cause climate change. Biden presents himself as a conciliatory politician and « bridge builder » position praised by many and that he will try to impose on the difficult relationships he will have to establish with his rivals.

Boris johnson

There is no doubt that the British Prime Minister was one of the international figures of the year. Not only because of his controversial management of covid-19, a virus for which he was hospitalized and managed to overcome, but also because of his ambitious recovery plan inspired by the American « New Deal » that with 5,000 million pounds seeks to get the United Kingdom out of the crisis in the pandemic engulfed him. Likewise, it has been a protagonist in one of the most notorious processes this year as the end of the Brexit transition stage. The threat of a no-deal no-deal breakdown haunts the already battered economies of former partners, which have been hit hard by the health crisis, raising concerns about serious effects on growth and jobs on both sides.

, who announced that she would not stand for re-election in the September elections of next year and turned 15 years in power this month, is another of the international figures of the year considering that during her pro tempore presidency of the European Union in the In the second half of this year, it had to face historical challenges in the face of the post-pandemic economic recovery and the United Kingdom’s exit from the union. The German company obtained the approval of a recovery plan for the continent for 750,000 million euros to be distributed in two years and that will be channeled to governments mainly through direct transfers (500,000 million) and loans (250,000 million). There is no doubt that in the months that remain in power he will be able to consolidate his important legacy.

Jair bolsonaro

The president of Brazil has also been a figure of the year that is ending and among his most outstanding actions are his stance regarding the treatment of the pandemic, of which he was also a victim and which has become less relevant, ensuring that strict confinements can produce more ravages than those generated by the virus. Bolsonaro, a great ally of President , is one of the few leaders in the world who has refused to acknowledge Biden’s victory in the United States until the official results are known and despite the high levels of popularity that he registers among his Citizens suffered a severe defeat in the local elections last week and will have to ally with the triumphant center-right if they want to continue in power.

Ursula von der Leyen

Erna solberg

Norway confirmed the first case of Covid 19 in February and less than a month and a half later the government of Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced that the outbreak was « under control. » Solberg’s management in the face of the pandemic has earned him recognition around the world and has his country as one of the least affected despite the high degree of contagion that occurs in neighboring Sweden. Among the actions that have generated the greatest impact is that of having convened a press conference just for children and on what he said, « it is okay to be afraid when so many things happen at the same time » to which he added that « when they are kept in account, they take responsibility seriously and demand that the elderly respect the rules that are for the benefit of all ”.

Jacinta ardern

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the first woman to hold the post and recently re-elected just over a month ago, has been praised around the world for her handling of the pandemic. However, Ardern decreed one of the strictest confinements in the world and closed all its borders, measures that affected the economy. Despite the above, it achieved a considerable reduction in infections, which is why European and Latin American countries accepted the model without considering the geographical and economic differences of the different territories. In recent days, the prime minister was defeated at the polls with her proposal to legalize recreational marijuana, but managed to get euthanasia approved in a referendum.

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