Brazilian President , he assured this Thursday in a speech in Rio Grande Do Sul that “Little flu” it is coming to an end, despite the growth in the death rate in most states. He also cataloged the consumption of hydroxychloroquine as appropriate for those patients infected with COVID-19.

Bolsonaro remarked that his government “Did the possible” to control the coronavirus pandemic. He highlighted having helped with “Emergency aid” to 67 million Brazilians low-income and thus made possible the permanence of the commercial activities of the “small companies”, guaranteeing the operation of “Millions of jobs”.

Despite the 179 thousand deaths, Bolsonaro praised his management against the “little flu”
The president of Brazil, , recognized “the beginning of the end” of the pandemic in the country.

The president affirmed that his administration “spared no effort to send resources to attend to health” making that “practically all hospitals have their tools.” After illustrating this “hopeful” health picture, Bolsonaro anticipated: “We are living the end of the pandemic.”

Continuing with his own praise for his management, he acknowledged that his government “is one of the ones that came out the best if we take into account other countries in the world.”

Despite the 179 thousand deaths, Bolsonaro praised his management against the “little flu”
The drug hydroxychloroquine was one of the most controversial and used treatments since the beginning of the outbreak.

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Regarding the use of the drug, he said it was necessary to use it as an “early treatment”. According to World Health Organization (WHO), its intake is reserved only for patients suffering from malaria, an infectious disease transmitted by the bite of a mosquito.

To demonstrate the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine, Bolsonaro assured that in Africa, one of the continent hit by malaria, those citizens who consume this medicine also obtain protection against the coronavirus. “That is why the level of mortality from COVID-19 is so low,” he said. The president himself used the drug in July when he became infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Last Wednesday, December 9, Brazil surpassed the 179 thousand dead, keeping the second place in the country with the highest number of human losses in back of United States. Simultaneously, and to aggravate the situation in the country, El Ministry of Health announced the detection of first case of reinfection of the coronavirus.

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