Eduardo Feinmann crossed Javier Milei and the libertarians exploded

Eduardo Feinmann crossed Javier Milei and the libertarians exploded

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The criticisms of Eduardo Feinmann to him Kirchnerism are common currency, but their crosses with references of the movement libertarian they are already becoming more and more common. This time, the figure of A24 and Radio Rivadavia questioned Javier Milei and again to Jose Luis Espert, for the insults and ridicule they gave another economist, Roberto Cachanosky, and generated a wide impact.

The driver shared in Twitter a video of a press conference in which the eccentric media spoke together with the former candidate for President of the Nation for the Front Awakening.

“It makes me very happy that they mention the case of the … Cachanosky“Said Milei, while Espert, in a smiling tone, added:” Roberto, if you’re listening, they send you greetings here. “

Eduardo Feinmann crossed Javier Milei and the libertarians exploded

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Roberto Cachanosky

“Roberto, I’ll tell you: when I talk about a envious and resentful dinosaurIt’s you, ”added the anarcoliberal economist who, despite his repeated criticisms of politics, will try to enter the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation in 2021.

Feinmann saw the video and expressed his disbelief at the words of the two liberal referents. “So they want to be an alternative? With that arrogance? If they are like that without power, I don’t want to imagine pulling the strings of power, “wrote the attorney in the social network of the little bird.

Eduardo Feinmann crossed Javier Milei and the libertarians exploded

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Feinmann cruzó a Milei en Twitter

The response of the untidy-haired economist did not wait, and he went out to the intersection quickly causing both his surname and that of his colleague whom he insulted, to be a trend.

“@Edufeiok your threads are showing … Thank you for being the voice of a part of the nefarious system that is devouring the country. Thank you very much Edu for showing which side you are on ”, he replied Javier Milei al journalist, adding in your post not only Expert, but also to Luis Rosales, a member of the Despertar Front who works together with Feinmann in A24.

True to his way of not reacting to grievances and answering with irony, the political analyst He only replied with a “thank you” to the strong words that the media dedicated to him, which had already generated controversy in the networks hours ago when a video that has him doing a reprehensible act went viral: trying to “mogolic” to Diego Giacomini, an economist who was his friend and with whom he even wrote several books.

Months ago, Eduardo Feinmann and Jose Luis Espert staged a tense crossover live in The news, when the television and radio presenter accused the leader of being “one of those responsible for the return of Kirchnerism to power.”

Espert tried to torch to the driver and compared it to 6, 7, 8, and then his opponent counterattacked him calling him “a bad copy of ”.


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