Female Leaders Show the World How to Handle COVID Crisis

Are you looking for examples of true leadership in a crisis? From Finland to New Zealand, remarkable women are demonstrating true leadership.

This pandemic is revealing: Women have what it takes when the crisis rises in our countries. These leaders are gifting us with an attractive alternative way of wielding power. What are they teaching us?

The global response to the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted remarkable differences in leadership – and female leaders have risen above the rest.

While Trump initially downplayed the severity of the threat, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg dedicated an entire press conference to addressing the concerns of her nation’s children.

And as Brazil President repeatedly dismissed the illness as a “fantasy” and a “little flu”, Finnish PM Sanna Marin was busy empowering her country’s social media influencers to encourage younger generations to #FlattenTheCurve.

These women approached the pandemic very differently than their male counterparts – and the numbers speak for themselves.

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