Invited to Head Mission to Lebanon, Temer Needs Authorization to Leave the Country

After being invited by President (without a party) to head the Brazilian mission to aid Lebanon, former President Michel Temer will still need authorization from the Justice before leaving Brazil.

Temer’s lawyer, Eduardo Carnelós, confirmed the information on Sunday (9). He also said that he is ready to send the request to the Justice.

The former president is the target of seven lawsuits pending in Rio, the Federal District, and São Paulo and he was even prevented from traveling by the Rio de Janeiro Car Wash operation in March 2019.

Upon leaving jail, the ex-president had his passport withheld, one of the conditions imposed upon leaving prison. Twice, in 2019, he appealed to appellate judges to make international trips.

As the son of Lebanese, Temer was invited to lead the Brazilian mission to support the country in the Middle East.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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