Judge Condemns Bolsonaro to Compensate UOL Journalist

A São Paulo judge sentenced President to pay moral damages of R$10,000 to UOL journalist and columnist. The decision came from Judge César Augusto Vieira Macedo.

Bianca appealed to the Judiciary after being accused by Bolsonaro, in lives on May 28 this year, of writing fake news. That week, the journalist had published a text citing relations between the president’s friends and family with those accused of the murder of Marielle Franco in Rio de Janeiro.

Bianca asked to receive R$50 thousand as compensation. Two months later, Bolsonaro portrayed himself on social media. “I referred to several fake news reports, and one said it was hers. It wasn’t hers, it had her name down there. There was a mistake on my part. It wasn’t from journalist Bianca Santana, my apologies to Bianca Santana for our mistake,” said the president.

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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