Moro Talks to Brazil's Federal Police about The Formation of the 'Hate Office'

Former Justice Minister Sergio Moro told the Federal Police that he heard comments from palatial ministers about the connection of councilman Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicans-RJ), the son 02 of President , with the so-called “hate office.”

The former judge also said he was the target of attacks by the group after leaving office.

Moro gave the testimony on the 12th, as part of the Supreme Court investigation into the anti-democratic acts.

The “hate office” is responsible for part of Bolsonaro’s digital strategy. The ideological bunker is on the Planalto Palace’s third floor, just a few steps from the Presidency office.

Moro was summoned because he was the Chief judge at the time of the facts under investigation. The investigation is trying to determine the involvement of family members and supporters of the president with the demonstrations that called for the closure of the STF and Congress.

On Twitter, Carlos reacted to Moro’s statements to the PF. He said that “there is no qualification for this silly attempt anymore. I miss living in a world where men were men.”

Translated by Kiratiana Freelon

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